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thl w100 is good or not good phone

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well chief it`s very good :)

i brought one for my mrs for christmas and i got the zte 967s.

build quality is fantastic,very quick and smooth and the camera`s are rather good too(better than my zte LOL)

it also came with a fair few accessories like hard case,ear phones and 2x battery.

the mrs loves it and can`t put it down LOL

if need to know anything else m8 i`ll try to help.

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I went with the THL W200 because of the 5" screen and slightly faster CPU, though to be honest, I was also eyeing the NO. 1 N3 smartphone which has a 5.7" screen, but at the time decided it might be too big (later realized it actually wouldn't be, so right now I'm slightly regretting it because the NO 1. N3 also has better cameras, motion sensor and a much larger battery of 2800mAh - all for the same price of the THL W200).


At any rate, the THL W100 seems to be exactly the same like the W200, except that it has a slightly lower screen resolution, a slightly slower CPU (thought the MTK 6598T is nothing more than overclocked MTK 6598) and a smaller screen. Other than that, they are comparable.


Hardware-wise, the THL W100 definitely seems like a great phone for a cheap price.

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