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Twisting earphone plug opens Google Search... WTF!

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Hi everybody,

I have found that if I rotate the jack plug for my earphones while they are plugged into my phone, Google Voice Search is automatically opened!

I was astonished at this but have tried it over and over again and still got the same result (always kept my fingers clear of the screen to make sure I wasn't doing it by accident)

Is this normal?... I've searched Google for this but can't find anything on it. Am I the only one?

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I get this all the damn time on my Y300. In my case it's Voice Search that opens (I'm on CM11) and I tried renaming the VoiceSearch.apk in /system/app/ (IIRC) but still it comes up.


It's probably getting the contacts confused and triggering that third button on some headsets, but it's bloody annoying. If anyone has a solution - hardware or software - it'd be great

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