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[MOD] AOSP Camera and Gallery

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thanks to guys lowrider262 & tazlooney89 from XDA we can have AOSP Camera and Gallery on our Moto G.


Big + is that you can change photos resolution, better focus, and much more (I think :) )



So i make flashable zip files, for easy installation...


Chose your zip.

AOSP_Cam_and_gallery_delete_Moto_Cam.zip    ->    original Moto Camera & Gallery app will be deleted
AOSP_Cam_and_gallery_leave_Moto_Cam.zip    ->    original Moto Camera & Gallery app will NOT be deleted, and you will have two Camera and two Gallery apps
Copy zip dile to your device, flash it via CMW, TWRP or flashify
If someone used AOSP_Cam_and_gallery_delete_Moto_Cam.zip and want to have back MOTO Camera and Gallery, then flash this MOTO_Cam_and_gallery_delete_AOSP.zip. This will add back Moto Cam & Gallery apk with odex files, and will delete AOSP apk's.
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Ja_som can you upload the Moto_Cam zip file to Google Drive, so that I can download it from there? The current link won't work for me

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