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How to Root your phone with one click

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Now you can root and  Remove Root with



1 - First download the program http://sh.st/VMeq
2 - correct the USB option in your phone as follows ::
For Android 4.0 or 4.1 :: Developer Settings >> Options >> USB Debug
For Android 4.2 and above :: Settings >> About Phone >> Developer Options >> USB >> correct and then click on OK to confirm the changes
3 - Run Kingo Android Root phone and connect a computer via USB cable and then wait for the download and install of tariffs, after you install the program definitions will be required to separate the phone and reconnect it, yet connected to the phone button will appear ROOT click on it and wait for the emergence of the next screen that tells you the successful operation


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I would be very wary of using this tool.  Read this xda thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2516942

and this on Android news http://androidnews.co.in/2013/11/08/psa-use-kingo-root-vroot-root-android-device/

Apparently it harvests imei numbers out to a server somewhere in China and uploads suspicious files to your pc during the rooting process.  And it of course has root so god knows what else it does behind the scenes.

The xda thread states that the tool is `under review` but this hasnt been updated for a while and most of the posts in the thread advise against using it.

Just a heads up.

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