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Serious battery issues

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Got my OSD last year May and haven't had any problems until last month. Phone kept turning off at 30-40% but I would get the low battery notification first now it just completely shuts down at 60 % without warning!

I am not rooted and don't think it's possible after the last updated so is there anything I can do? I rely on this phone A LOT. Help please!

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Exact same story for me, except I had rooted it to enable hidden microSD slot. Sometimes it would drain quicker than normal and get to maybe 15-30% then just shutdown. Or like you at 60-80% just randomly turn off, screen would just go blank like it was going into standby but it would be off entirely.

So about 16 months on what I'd class as medium to heavy daily use (mostly running down battery on Youtube, Twitch etc.)


So I decided to cut my losses and go with the Alcatel One Touch Idol S, was £85+£10 credit in an EE store. But due to my luck, first phone I got was faulty, so finally got it replaced today and new one seems fine.

Similar to Moto G, with 1280x720 screen & 1GB RAM. Moto G has quad core, vs the Alcatel's dual core. But it has a microSD slot, so instead of approx 5.5GB-12.5GB on the Moto G, I have 1.96GB internal + 29.71GB microSD

Here's a gsmarena comparison of the 2 phones.

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