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Moto G Stuck in a Bootloop After Bugfix Update!!

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My Moto G is rooted on the stock US ROM. I have just received an update notification on the device, showing various bugfixes. I decided to update and clicked to download. The update file downloaded (10MB) and the device powered off and then rebooted into CWM recovery. The update attempted installing itself in CWM, but returned a failure message and was aborted. Android then rebooted itself and after about 30 seconds, switched off and went back into CWM again.


It will not stay in Android for any more than these 30 seconds without rebooting back into CWM and attempting to update.


I don't know what to do?!


I desperately need to use my phone tonight, so i am very anxious to get this fixed ASAP.


Please someone help.


Thanks :)

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I have just flashed the Moto G's stock recovery to the device, and the problem is still the same. When updating in stock recovery, it shows the dead Android and 'Error!'.


Any help please? Would be greatly appreciated.


EDIT: Luckily i have solved the issue by rushing into ES File Explorer and deleting the update file from /cache before the device had a chance to reboot.


Let this be a warning to anyone who intends on updating when it comes out on UK devices!

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TescoHudl, I've got the same problem. But there's no update file in /cache. Actually, this dir is empty. Any sort of trick needed to find the update file?

Thank you.


UPD: nevermind. I booted into fastboot mode and wiped cache partition, that helped.

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