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What The ....?(Recovery Problem?)

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Stock rooted JB 4.1.2 with Kernel patch from zelea2.
Using Xposed with Gravity Box and other stuff.

2 days ago my cousin was exploring in my rooted system and he erased some system apks causing some serious problems. (almost got a stroke that momment..)
I installed again the 4.1.2 zip from the beginig and here is where the problem starts..

I want to put again SU and pach and I cant get by adb reboot bootloader. My phone boots in fastboot and that's it.
When I use the fastboot command it does nothing.
When I try to reinstall the 4.1.2 from recovery it says the common "partitition unidentified" problem..
I cannot even flash via the Acer_DL_Tool, it always fails!

And I ask, what the actually f*** happened? :blink: 

Is there any way that the recovery (stock) has some issues? It boots in without a problem..

All of my PC drivers are checked and are correct (Win 7 Ult x64)
I have unlocked bootloader.

I don't have much patience.. :angry: 

P.S. NEVER give your rooted phone to a 13 year old...  :mellow:

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Try to boot into recovery using the Acer Tool. Also, try using TWRP. Try installing RECA ROM instead, see if you can flash that...

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Thanks for replying guys!


Acer Tool is not working for me.. It never has. (I use adb by opening the file that contains it in command..)

I've tried to use TWRP too with no success and RECA ROM will not install through stock recovery.

I've changed every single one of my 16 USB 2.0 ports of my system and still nothing..


For now I give up.. I'll try again in a couple of days or so..


Thanks again..

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First of all , install a fresh , clean windows. Enable auto-driver installing. Install Java Dev. Kit. and Android Debugging Bridge drivers. After that , you can install Acer Toolkit. 

Also , try the 'soft brick - unbrick ' method from acerblogspot. I tend to beleive your CWM was installed poorly and it isn't functional. Your only possibility is to boot in TWRP and reflash stock / RECA Rom.

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I followed your advice and reinstalled windows even I had a format 3 weeks ago and I found what the problem is..

There is no problem with the S500 at all. I have 3 USB 2.0 ports dead on my MB (dont know the reason yet) and the rest are in "almost working" state -even the USB 3.0-

Thats why i was not able to do nothing. I found it out when I put a flash drive and it gave me an error (after formatting cause before it showed everything 100% working)

I think Acer Toolkit was showing "no device" or crashing for that reason..


Anyway I saw that the only port that's still alive is one front panel USB 3.0 port and everything works just fine even the Acer Toolkit.


Installed RECA and WOW!


Thanks for your respondings!


p.s. I need a new MB..  :mellow:

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Glad you managed to solve the problem!

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