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Just posted an invite at Nokia X on XDA

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:P now they will see the sheer AWESOMENESS of Daz.. and Ceastel...


just kidding lol..


but this is what we wanted :) kind of.. an XDA forum.. heck of a lot more people know XDA and end up joining in for the development.. Might just reduce the burden on Daz's shoulders too.. AND we might start to see ports of stuff like Sailfish or Ubuntu or Firefox..


the devices are really really similar... and for all you know, Qualcomm might be pressured to release better drivers too

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Hm...maybe if the device haves support from more developers it will give us much benefit :)

Hope it gets in the hand of any official ROM dev so that it will be much easier to port to our device :P

Daz and all other devs are gonna get credited :D :D :D

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Did you see that the developer of Nokia X just thanked you for the post :D

He must seen that what our geniuses have done ;)

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