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Can a bluetooth headset produce decent audio while using mic?

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I have a bluetooth headset (LG electronics HBS-730) which I can use to listen to music via my phone or desktop PC. The quality of sound is great. When I try to use it as a headset (thereby activating the mic) for playing a game, the sound quality is atrocious.


It is probably of relevance that the battery is rated as 15 hours talk-time or 10 hours music. This suggests that the device reduces the bandwidth used and thereby conserves energy when in conversation (and therefore not needing high quality sound reproduction).


Is there some way I can make the device use its microphone without reducing the quality of sound reproduction?

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Depends on the bluetooth profile used.  Headset mics are usually intended to act as phone headsets, so the quality of the mic audio roughly matches that of a normal phone call (so pretty low).  I've had a similar problem when trying to use a bluetooth headset with Skype on a PC.

I forget the specifics, but some info can be found here:


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