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Alcatel OT Idol S (6034R) - Questions & available storage info

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Got the Idol S (6034R) on Friday, to replace my old phone which has had problems with the battery.

Sadly having issues with the  Idol S touchscreen becoming unresponsive after coming out of standby. And when it has been working the battery has drained a crazy amount. On standby it dropped from about 85-95% last night to around 36% this morning, crazy amount (especially as I turned off Wifi). Fingers crossed I'll be able to find a replacement at an EE store or elsewhere.

Anyone else have problems with quickly draining battery and/or problems with the touchscreen not working.





But I wanted  to at least answer a question I had about the usuable space you get from the 4GB internal memory. So 1.96GB, well actually about 1.74GB if you uninstall preinstalled games etc.

But the "Storage manager" allows you to swap app storage etc over to a microSD (phone apparently allows up to 32GB card);






And not sure if you take benchmarks seriously, but at least for comparisons here is its AnTuTu benchmark score;



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Finally got it replaced today after finding stock at other store, but of course for first 10 mins in the store the touchscreen was working perfectly (sod's law). But finally, touchscreen became unresponsive after full shutdown, then on and letting it go into standby. Relieved.

But as for EE, apparently even with a faulty phone you can't get a refund! Only a store replacement, or get another phone and pay the difference. The said essentially the only way to get a refund is buying online, and that's likely only due to distance selling laws they can't sidestep...


Not sure what current policies are for other UK stores, but if going via EE I'd probably recommend buying online. But don't expect any help instore if you have issues with phone bought online, I learned that with last phone 16 months ago.

So knock on wood haven't had any issue with the new phone. The Antutu benchmark is lower (13747 vs 14015), but I imagine that's because the first test was done with no SD card inserted and that probably dropped the score a bit with read speed etc.



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Not had any problems with my Idol S in the 3 months I’ve had mine. I bought mine online from EBay because there was no requirement to buy a £20 top up as were the condition from buying direct from an EE shop or online.


  I unlocked mine and use it on the 3 network and it switches effortlessly from 4G to 3G and back when required, something some phones seem to have problems with.


About non responsive screen, I can’t say I’ve had any real problems except one small niggle and that is when I unlock the phone with the slide to unlock, to text, to camera and for some reason sometimes it just won’t respond to a quick slide and I have to hold my finger over the icon and even this does not work sometime and I have to wait about 20 seconds and try again. Thankfully this does not happen very often and I’ve found that if I slide to camera then use the home button this works all the time. Very strange.


Battery life’s is also good for me with the battery lasting on average about 2 days but I have had the odd occasion where it seems not to last as long as it should but like the unlock problem, it rare and could be link to the use of the HDR camera because this kills my battery.

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