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Virus Warning on just 1 page

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Me, and a few other users are getting a virus warning from chrome on this page http://www.modaco.com/topic/368846-romgb-b895-gbxtreme-rom-%E2%9C%B029032014%E2%9C%B0-multibaseband/page-16

Anyone else get a malware warning from Google chrome when they view this page? If so, its not malware (unless Modaco is infected).


After the warning I only ventured in here using Sandboxie just in case.

Seems to me that it's the image in this post which is causing the problem because it comes from cdn.memgenerator.net


Just a quick heads up to let you know...


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Can someone give me more details on this?  I've tried in Chrome on Windows, and not had any alerts pop up.  Is it a default Chrome message, or some plugin?


I don't normally use Chrome, so any extra details would help me.



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