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Huawei y300 vendor software package

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Hi everyone, I'm looking for the vendor software package for my huawei, I've understood that is an Update.app of 4kb. I'll be glad If someone has it and could share with me.

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Careful with that. That's an international version which will change his basebands. That's a problem if he's from Canada because there are no Update.app files for the Canadian networks.









If you could get recovery to boot then that'd be preferred. You'll just have to forget going back to stock officially unless you want to risk messing up your basebands. That can cause you to have weak or no network connectivity.

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If every update you're throwing at it is the same then you've probably bricked it in such a way that it can't even read the updates correctly.






If you can reformat the SD card as FAT32 from a PC then try that. Other than that you might be out of luck.

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