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How to root Nexus 7 2012 running Android 5.0 and using a mac

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Evening all


I haven't been on Monaco for some time.  I used various ROM's on my Huwaei G300 and before that my San Fransisco since buying a MotoG LTE I haven't felt the need to stick a ROM.


My wife owns a Nexus 7 2012, which we upgraded to Android 5.0 but it runs so slow that it is almost unusable.  I was inclined to root it and install Paranoid Android but I am really struggling to get it rooted.  I have the boot loader unlocked but having spent 3 hours Googling a solution and trying various methods I still cannot get it unlocked.


Could anyone help?


Many thanks


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I had a similar issue with kitkat on my 8Gb N7, a full reset helped mine.  Its not great but its much better than it was.

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