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"Sign in to Wifi Network" error after home network is apparently connected

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I got this occasionally and it could always be solved by toggling Wifi off and on again.


But this week it became persistent and unsolvable - have tried making a Static IP connection: same problem; have tried deleting Google Framework Services data: same problem; unsure where to go next.


Anyone had similar?





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I presume you aren't having this problem with any other device?


What happens when you click the "Sign in to Wifi Network" alert? It should open up a browser window and show you something.


My guess would be an issue with the internet connection at some point, and if the tablet can't connect to a google service it will assume a WiFi login requirement.  e.g. if your internet connection was down at some point, and the tablet gets an error page from the router, the tablet might think it was a sign in page.


I'm guessing a lot here, but hopefully it will help point you in the right direction...

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