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I need emergency help with my Huawei H892L lost all drivers files ect need a recovery rom & help fixing my phone

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I need help I have lost use of my Huawei Raven model.H892L abdroid 4.4.4 kitkat . The First Raven I got locked up first day into Huawei screen had to bring it back, got another & I rooted it easily with kingo root no PC. But within week started rebooting ect then wouldnt let me download anything so I tried resetting it soft than hard several times..nothing has worked I need real help I somehow now have deleted all my main firmware drivers ect it turns on but black screen, i cant open anything since theres no desktop & i reset the phone & stupidly lost everything that was moved to the sd card because it was my main storage after the root. I had the sd card out first than second time thought maybe the sd card was causingthe problems..I dont know & Yes im an idiot but please i need help. I cant find a cwm recovery or any roms to fix this. Please can someone please send me the download for the stock ROM or any ROM. I can't afford to buy yet another phone. I'd appreciate this emergency help. One issue is this phone has several names raven honor ect and on Huawei site when you type in H892L nothing comes up for downloads or drivers. Ive searched web for two days I cant find it. I need someone to get me the drivers rom for it with android 4.4.4 kitkat & explain how to fix it. [email protected] I would appreciate  it so much. I'm beyond frustrated. I live in a rural area & my phones my lifeline so please someone help me out.


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