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Building TWRP/CWM for Vodafone Smart Prime 6

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Hi all,


Back from a long hiatus from these forums, but I prefer here to a certain other development forum.


Basically, I'm looking to build a custom recovery for this device. I extracted the recovery.img today, but I don't really know what I'm doing with this stuff.

I tried the CWM builder but it failed.


If I could get some help with this, it would be appreciated.


What I know is:

I'll need a custom recovery.fstab, because the partitions are mounted as mmcblk0xx etc etc.

I'll need to set a flag which tells CWM there's no select button on this device (so that it uses power as select)

I don't know about the bootloader on this phone right now, but i am investigating.



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Can't get fastboot working on this thing, into the bootloader using volume + power but cannot get any drivers to work.




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here is half working TWRP for smart prime 6

i need to adjust recovery.fstab to cover all partitions but for now it starts and shows /system and integrated sdcard :) :)



care that its alpha version not really working just proof of concept :)




can be flashed with rashr

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