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Racer recovery image and stock ROM

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I doubt if there is anyone actually left in this nick of the woods nowadays, however on the off chance someone passes by in a time machine, would anyone happen to know if the original 3 network stock ROM and recovery image (originally to be found http://raceroms.co.uk/ - now a dead link) can still be downloaded from anywhere?

The stock recovery image was the only one I could get to recover a bricked Racer, so I could do with that in particular.

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UPDATE 2016/04/17

An additional 5 ROMs have now been uploaded to the download link linked to below, including a 3UK Racer ROM (the 3UK recovery image can also be found in the zip).

Alternative instructions: http://theunlockr.com/2013/09/12/how-to-flash-a-custom-recovery-on-the-zte-racer/


This will install a custom recovery image with rooted ROM, and should be able to fix a 'bricked' Racer (i.e., will not boot into the normal 'FTM' recovery mode with the vol. down button pressed on power up).

Files have been uploaded to here https://www.mediafire.com/folder/wj19vfnvoj3cv/ZTE_Racer

1) download the ROM file 'update.zip' - this somehow needs to be transferred to the SD card in the Racer

2) download and uncompress the recovery image file 'rickywyatt.rar':

unrar x ./rickywyatt.rar

3) add executable permissions to enable `fastboot-linux` to run:

chmod 755 ./fastboot-linux

4) `install-recovery-linux.sh` runs an incorrect command, it is necessary to flash the recovery manually as follows:

i. attach the Racer to the USB port and reboot while pressing the vol. down key - a green android image should appear and the LED turn red (if 'bricked', otherwise presumably the normal 'FTM' recovery screen)

ii. run the following command:

./fastboot-linux flash recovery ./recovery.img

5) reboot the Racer holding the vol. up key, this should boot into recovery

6) use the vol. buttons to move around menu, home button to select

i. clear / delete any cache, etc. as thought needed (I'm not entirely sure what this is all about myself, but I usually clear and reset the lot)

ii. select the menu option to flash the update image from SD card

iii. select the reboot menu option

On reboot you should find a rooted desktop, there is a widget not found error but this can be dragged into the bin.



The ZTE Racer kernel source code is available on the ZTE website (also uploaded to the same website as the recovery and ROM)) which presumably can be used to build the original recovery and a ROM that is not rooted.

If the mobile is not 'bricked' then presumably the ZTE Windows update tool will reflash the device  (the instructions aren't particularly clear here, the Racer needs to be in recovery mode before this software will work - reboot pressing the vol. down key until the letters 'FTM' appear).



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