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Honor 7 EMUI Notifications

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Getting on really well with my Honor 7, however there's a problem I can't get my head around.

A few apps don't seem to pop notifications up any more. The two that are noticeable are Google Opinion Rewards and Munzstat (which is a viewer for a treasure hunt/geocaching thing I do).

Google Opinion Rewards is just a case of since the day I got my phone, I've not had a single survey. I used to get 6-8 a week, almost always two on a weekend morning, but not had any for over a month which coincides with having the H7 for 4 weeks. My work phone, with a different Google account, is still getting them fine.

I thought no more of it, but then Munzstat has a setting where it will show me when new items appear close by to me. Both myself and my wife use it, she has a Xperia Z5 so fairly close to stock Android - set the apps up the same way, hers pops up notifications and mine doesn't.

I know there's "protected" apps, and a lot more granularity in what notifications you see, but I can't see these are disabled in any way. Facebook, G+, Google Photos etc all work fine. Now I think about it though, Twitter never pops up - yet sometimes I have a notification when I go into the app.

Can anyone shed light onto EMUI notifications for me?


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B320, although I'm going to wipe and flash MCR r3 tomorrow, just been too busy to do it. It's been like that since I got the phone on one of the Lollipop builds though.

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