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Let's try and solve the Honor / Huawei 'missing notification' problem

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I suspect most of us have seen the issue with 'missing notifications' on Honor / Huawei devices. When you add an app to the protected apps list, make sure the various battery and startup optimisations are disabled, do everything you can... still the system seems to shut the app down and notifications don't happen.

Why? I don't think anyone knows yet.

The problem seems to be mitigated in some cases by moving the app manually to the /system partition, but this doesn't always work I don't think - for example Hangouts sometimes misses notifications for me and that's a system app. There's another nuance too - why do some apps not appear in the protected apps list (e.g. gmail)? That's not technically any different to Hangouts... is there a whitelist in the ROM somewhere?

Now I have my custom ROMs and deodexed ROMs, I'm going to be having a good poke around so hopefully we can fix this once and for all for all Honor / Huawei devices, but it would be super useful for anyone to contribute their findings so we can try and establish a pattern of behaviour while I look for clues.

Cheers all. :)


PS: Topic also mirrored here at XDA.

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So I'm making some good progress digging around with this. I've had some interesting feedback suggesting that this is less of a problem in 'Performance' mode than 'Smart', but it is still an issue. Interested to hear thoughts on that.

App closure behaviour seems to be managed in 3 places on device...

  • in Marshmallow doze (this obviously isn't the cause of our issues)
  • in HwPowerGenieEngine3 (com.huawei.powergenie)
  • In HwSystemManager (com.huawei.systemmanager), also known as the 'Phone Manager' app

Sure enough, disabling the latter 2 packages seems to make notifications work 100%, but there are other things hooked into the Phone Manager app, so disabling it completely is a bit of a blunt instrument, it'll be better to try and tweak the behaviour, which is what I'm looking at now.

If anyone has clear notification issues they can replicate and therefore use to help me test fixes, please post below.


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I found that my issues with some apps were fixed by going to the recent apps screen and then dragging the app in question down to lock it (padlock appears)

Once I did that, my apps started sending notifications - but obviously that then leaves apps locked in memory which I'm sure would hurt battery.

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