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My SU6 cpu overheating?

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Hi guys I'm very new in here. I had been using last one that phone until trying to install xposed, then it stucked at android logo then I flashed stock rom via stock recovery( I downloaded last update from zte webpage under the Turkey heading I also live in Turkey. This process is ok there was no problem but after fully charged I noticed that phone is burning. I've never felt it before.It's very distracting. I'm waiting a solution and suggestion if you help me. Device is rooted via kingroot. Cpu temp is around 65 in standby. Should I send it service? Thanx and sorry for poor English.





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That's nearly 30º C higher than mine on the sensors so it's certainly running hot. I see you're at 15% load on the cpu, what's running in the background?

I doubt it'll make any difference but my governor is set to 'Interactive' rather than 'Ondemand'.

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Thank for your attantion. I tried all governors performance,interactive etc. but the same result...  At background I have system apps,greenify,kingroot and whatsapp. Others like facebook,twitter etc. hibernated by greenify. And interesting thing is system use 1.4 GB ram . I think that is strange and ram management is not working properly. Can I install any other rom via stock recovery or I need twrp?

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