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You can now de-brand and enable calls on your Vodafone Mediapad M2 8.0

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The Huawei Mediapad M2 8.0 is a nice little tablet. 1920x1200 screen, Kirin 930 CPU (as seen in the Honor 7), 2GB RAM, 16GB expandable by microSD and LTE built in. It's available to buy from Vodafone in store for £200 plus a mandatory £10 top-up (boo), which makes for a very competitive price for a connected tablet. You can also SIM unlock and bootloader unlock for 4 euros a pop and now... you can de-brand and enable phone calls! 

First up, a warning - the process isn't without risks and once you do it, there's no way back to the stock Vodafone configuration, so you do the below at your own risk. With that said, I've done mine and calls work great. It's nice to have ditched the Vodafone boot screen too. :)

The process is as follows (note: this is not for the faint hearted and will wipe your device)...

  • Ensure your device is bootloader (and optionally SIM) unlocked - you can do this using DC-Unlocker. When you enter bootloader (either using 'adb reboot recovery' or by powering on with the volume down button held), you should see 'Unlocked'.
  • Download this archive (MD5: 6ed9d5252d7a3efbb99090b4ceb6bfaa) which contains everything you need for the next steps, and extract.
  • Put your device in bootloader mode and flash TWRP (from the twrp directory you just extracted) - e.g. 'fastboot flash recovery twrp/twrp.img'.
  • Reboot to recovery - 'adb wait-for-device && adb reboot recovery'
  • Ensure you have an external SD card in your device and perform a full TWRP backup to it.
  • Push the modified oeminfo file to the device ('adb push oeminfo/oeminfo.img /sdcard/') and write it to the appropriate partition ('adb shell dd if=/sdcard/oeminfo.img of=/dev/block/platform/hi_mci.0/by-name/oeminfo).
  • Power off your device.
  • Remove the SD card, and copy the dload folder (retaining the structure) to it (i.e. the card will contain /dload/UPDATE.APP).
  • Put the card back in the tablet, ensure the USB cable is not attached and turned the device on while holding volume down + volume up. The image will start to flash. Reattach a power cable after the flash starts. The update may fail late in the flash process - don't worry, this is expected!
  • When the process completes, reboot the device and complete the setup wizard. You should now be generic with a dialler icon available and working calls! You will notice the stock theme is kinda ugly, just apply an alternate built in one using the themes app.

And that's it! Let me know how you get on!


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Hi Paul,

Any idea if this procedure is safe and will it work on an Australian Vodafone model? Mine isn't actually branded but I wouldn't mind having access to the dialler.

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I believe I have the exact same model, fortunately i didnt have to do any of what you did. I have model M2-802L.  What I want to know is how to enable VoLTE on this tablet?  That and if other FDD-LTE Bands can be unlocked?  The cpu that the phone carries is compatible for VoLTE, I just dont know how to get it enabled. I know with the samsung qualcomm phones there is a software that will allow you to enable other FDD LTE bands.  I also believe the Nexus 6P is able to do the same thing.  I wanted to see if maybe you have seen anything like this for our tablet?  Thanks. 

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