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Phone won't boot, stuck on "android" due to low memory

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Hey guys, made an account to post here in hopes of getting help.


Phone is rooted, ROM is Atomic Mod

Around half an hour ago, my phone started acting up with "low space" warning like it often does. I took a look and saw <800 KB free space. I thought it was my Google Play Store updating itself with 25 or so MB and consuming nearly all of my free memory in the process. I uninstalled the updates, but the warning persisted and I decided to reboot my device since my applications were randomly crashing like they tend to do when the memory is low


It's now stuck in a boot loop, on the "android" logo in letters that shows up after the robot, and has been for past 30 mins. I haven't touched the recovery or installed any new ROMs, so I'm guessing the proble is it doesn't have enough internal memory to boot.


Luckily, I've managed to access the Recovery menu. How would I go about fixing this?


Thanks in advance!

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