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Vanir 6.0 builds

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Hello everyone, I'm an Italian student in my first year of Master in Computer Science who got this phone about 3 years ago. Needless to say, the stock ROM is pretty laggish and I always admired the work modders did and still surprisingly do  for this device after 4 years since its release.

What I offer
I will upload the latest Vanir ROM as zip file as soon as new important commits are pushed into the repositories. The builds are obtained simply by following the instructions on this topic

What I do not offer
I do not offer support in case some builds are bugged, in case you brick your phone while trying to flash the ROM or things like these. Kernel programming is not, for now, my area of expertise, even if I am currently studying because I am interested in this topic. 

17 September 2016 - vanir_p880_6.0.091716.zip

Open Google Apps

If you want to charge your device while it is switched off, plug it in, wait for the LG logo to appear, plug it out, wait for the battery animation to be displayed, plug it in again and voilà, no more reboots.


All credits go to Mourta and all the programmers which still actively work at this project. If you are interested in building your own copy of the ROM, follow the description in this topic.

Happy flashing!








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On 22.09.2016 at 6:26 PM, fukuli053 said:

I installed on Tuesday.

Hmmm, I don`t know. For me it`s preety good. cpu - interactive;  I/O - row  

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