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Kernel with overclock.

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Hi all, I've built a stock kernel with 1708MHz(big) and 1209MHz(LITTLE).


Also bumped the RAM speed up a bit at the higher frequencies.



It's been running nearly 24 hours in my phone and seems stable. Battery drain will be a little faster I'm guessing.


I take no responsibility for smoke falling out of your phone and killing your cat.


Use at your own risk.


Download: https://mega.nz/#!DBx1DDLC!PHhL07bYc9A3Eeaa4H8PYB3nzwNNIzvqw8RTPpKuP0w



Of course please make a backup of your original boot image in TWRP just in case things don't work well for you.



Flash the .img file to boot and remember if using systemless root to flash that again too.baf50c443afce2a585b3be52904dcc3b.jpg


For Android 6.0.1 stock/stock based ROMs only.

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Is there any increase in voltage? Why not to make also version for 1.7 GHz (big) + 1.0 GHz (LITTLE) to match Qualcomm's specs and keep power usage lower?

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Bootloop in my phone . MM with root

System less root or normal? Perhaps your CPU isn't up to the higher clock speed.

I'll look at a way of limiting it to stock speeds during boot.

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On 10/6/2017 at 11:01 PM, Acidhell said:

Any update about the kernel?

Hi, I've been busy with other things for a while. Now the CM13 build is up and running I'll probably look for a fix for this. 

Got something else in the works too, once i fix all my typos i might put them both together ;)


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