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Literally watch it filling up.

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I know it an old phone but was good and wanted give it to my nephew.

It has 2GB internal and 10.69GB USB storage.
As soon as you connect it to wifi can watch the internal space fill up, literally.

I cannot remove blaotware as not rooted yet, might look at this but I'm not so good with this.

Will reread the root thread again.

But why does it fill the 2GB within minutes?

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Not sure why its filling up so quick, probably just the inbuilt Google apps being more bloated than they used to be. All I can suggest is going into the Google Play setting and disabling "Auto-update apps", then as its not rooted disable the bloatware. You're nephew will be limited in what games he can install (storage space, version of android, intel cpu) but the "Move to USB storage" option will help with the limited partition sizes. 

I'm guessing you didn't use the phone too long before replacing it. My OSD's battery was completely knackered, which made me upgrade. I still have it in my drawer, turned it on there and it is pretty snappy with the Nova Launcher (I did a factory reset not long). Disconnect it from the wall though and it soon turns itself off. 


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No apps can be moved to usb storage. Only two are listed as downloaded and they are app store and google services

Not signed into app store, no account set up.

It got fair few games if could delete might make room for what ever it is installing.

My battery is still very good.
my nephew only 10 and want youtube etc so should be fine.

Phone is still snappy for it age and spec

I used phone for about a year before replacing it.

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