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[TEST][ROM][6.0] few noncompatible roms

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I tried to made new MM roms for our huawei device, but got almost the same severe errors - bluetooth can not be turned on, camera brokes every time, no ril (phone/sms/gprs), no root! 

NOTE: Roms are CAN NOT be using for daily use, roms are not fully working, flash on your responsibility!

This thread is made just for few people that want to experience new rom, repack some framework/module/bin/lib from working 6.0.1 roms or suggest patches for these or even recompile rom to working one.

OMNIROM 6.0.1 - problems: no root*, no BT, no camera*

download OMNI-u8951  .  .  .  device tree

crDroid 6.0.1 - problems: no BT, no camera

download crDroid-u8951 .  .  .  device tree

CarbonRom 6.0.1 - problems: no root*, no RIL, no camera, no CarbonFibers (custom settings panel)

download Carbon-Lux-u8951.  .  .   device tree

OctOS 6.0.1 - problems: no root*, no BT, no camera

download OctOS-M-u8951 .  .  .  device tree


* rooting can be fixed, if you are using CWM-6.0.x.x recovery, cause it has "fix root?" option after flashing rom, before reboot. After first start, you can flash SuperSU system mode only to works! 

Regular SuperSU.zip is systemless mode and can not work. If you using TWRP-3.x.x recovery, recovery reboots before finishing rom flashing, because of supersu (flashing modd image to boot), to non-root system. Without supersu, works fine as non-root.  

* camera may works on omni, if you install open camera, xposed framework and marshmallow sd fix module (set all apps to yes).

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UPDATE1: crDroid 6.0.1 is finally fixed (ported with june build of L.OS) - BT and Camera2 work at last.

ROM works as signature spoofed with Nanomod microG 14.5, even with no additional permission in settings>apps>advanced>apps permission; even without system spoofing, core and store original signature in microG settings.

download crDroid-ported-u8833 [320 MB]

UPDATE2: OctOS 6.0.1 is fixed ( - / / - )

service.jar is now patched, flash sign-spoofer.zip and enjoy with microG. Snap's return to ROM and works better then Camera2, flash Snap.zip

download Oct-M-community-u8951  [316 MB] 

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The Flash and lighting in the taking of pictures and video is very dark, any solution in this regard?
Equally there is a decompensation of the battery. Is it a problem of the OS, will it have any solution?

I use the crDroid-ported-u8833

Testing and debugging

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