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Ross Dorn

Partitions on the Chuwi HI 10 Plus

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The Chuwi Hi 10 Plus tablet is dual boot.

Now, I want/need to change the partition sizes on the 64GB internal storage. I would prefer to reduce the Win10 partition to maybe 10GB and add all the rest to the Android partition.

Or, second-best would be to remove the Win10 partition completely, and have to whole internal storage for Android.


How do I go about preferably the first choice?


Thank you, Ross 

(moved from general...., sorry, my fault)

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Check this one:


Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 vs Alldocube X - Antutu and Geekbench Test 

Today I learned from Alldocube official that Alldocube gains 103865 scores in Antutu test, 3449  in Geekbench test with 1636 scores in single core and 3941 scores in multi-core. 


Using the same chip as Xiaomi mi pad 3, and Alldocube X outperforms Xiaomi mi pad 3 in Antutu score (76273) and Geekbench scores ( 1604 in single core and 3460 in multi-core). And it also comes with a more affordable price tag of $219 on Indiegogo.



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Antutu scores

Alldocube: 103865
Chuwi Hi9 Air: 89709

Geekbench Scores

Alldocube: 1636  single core and 3941  multi-core
Chuwi Hi9 Air: 1110 single core and 3523  multi-core

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Yes, indeed, the partition for MSWin10 is about 45GB, while "data" partition for Android jus 8GB!


Android's "data" partition is full after installing 10 apps or more, while MSWin's one is half empty


How about using some partition editing software for MSWin?

For instance I've installed

NIUBI Partition Editor 7.2.2 Technician Edition and it provides possibility to decrease size of MSwin partition (and move it too)!

However, it needs to move the partition's beginning to the right - so how Win will boot? Will NIUBI take care of configuring bootloader? (doubt it)

So how to configure it manually afterwards?



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