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Here's how to sign up for a 'new customer' deal on your current network

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Like many things in life, phone contracts are frustrating because as an existing customer, you can't get access to the same deals as new customers. I suspect that at some point in the coming years this may be outlawed, but until then, if you want a new customer deal without losing your number, you need to switch network. Or do you?

We recently assisted a reader who was currently on 3 but wanted to get a great deal offered only to new 3 customers. The solution? Surprisingly straightforward.

  • Cancel the current contract, requesting a PAC code (porting authorisation code)
  • Pick up a PAYG SIM from another network (most networks will send them out for free via a form on their website)
  • Port your number to the PAYG account
  • Sign up with your previous provider again, taking advantage of the new customer deal
  • Request a PAC code from the PAYG provider
  • Port the number back off PAYG to your new account


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Yeah I've done this trick a couple of times. It is only a moderate pain in the arse (at least compared to having to change oyur number!)

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