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[FREE][GAME] Lee Kee Child the gem hunter

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Hi everyone!
Here is my first game on Android: Lee Kee Child the gem hunter.

This is a free diamond collecting game.


The story:

Who is this little boy in the cave among diamonds, stones and brick walls?
He is Lee Kee Child. His mission is to collect diamonds in the caves. If he was collecting all of diamonds what he needs, the door will open and he can continue collecting diamonds on the next level.
Maybe can you help him to collect enough diamonds and completing levels?
Try it out!

In this work maybe little enemies will be disturbing him. These are flies and butterflies. Them are useful bugs for breaking brick walls and disappearing/isolating acid.
Try how it works!

The butterflies are the sources of diamonds. If he is dropping a butterfly with a stone it will turn into diamonds, and Lee Kee Child will gain up to 9 diamonds. In some levels has been another source of the diamonds by the isolated acid. The acid will increase randomly on its neighbour green fields and empty fields. If he can isolate successfully the acid by stones or diamonds before it reached up a big size, it turns into diamonds, else it turns into stones.
Try what happens when the bugs are impacting into the acid!

- 330 different exciting levels
- load / save state functions
- hardware keyboard support
- random map elements

Have fun!

Watch video here:


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Hi everyone!

Brand new exercises have been added to 'The Gem Hunter'! You can find them from level 391 to 395.
Let us see the recent levels:
391 - Look for a path to the butterflies and destroy them.
392 - Fill the holes and be careful with rocks.
393 - Demolish brick walls for getting path to exit.
394 - Be careful with butterflies that fly vertically along the walls.
395 - You have to timing something for collecting gems.


Check it out now!

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Hi everyone!

'The Gem Hunter' has been updated with 5 new levels, read the details.

Check them out here:


396 - Look for the exit in the stone grid.
397 - Be careful with the fly that follows you.
398 - What is the right order of ways to get 100 gems?
399 - Search for the right point on the brick wall for breaking.
400 - Clean the path with butterflies for getting exit.




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