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** MoDaCo forum user details have been hacked **

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this forum’s email addresses and passwords have been hacked. How do I know? I received a Bitcoin ransom email this morning addressed to the *unique email address* I use for this forum, which critically also contained the *unique password* I used here. What I don’t know is when this breach occurred as it could have been some time ago.

I’d strongly recommend you change your forum password ASAP and anywhere use you may have used the same details. Stay safe and remember these scam emails are just that and to ignore them.


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Unfortunately it happened a few years ago, we did post about it when it was discovered.

Quite a few sites have had this happen to them, I've not had the email from this site but have from another with the ransom scam 

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I didn't use your website for many years. Now I got a similar spam mail to my address used here inlucding my password from here in cleartext.

In the official statement you wrote "... stores passwords in a very secure Blowfish based form. In that regard, we think that passwords are well protected against unauthorised use."

How can it be that the spammers/scammers now have the cleartext passwords?

Also the stament says "Note: This message is also being sent immediately by email to all users."

Why did I never get this email?

Please inform again all users that their passwords used here are now in circulation!

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