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[FREE] [GAME] R Mahjong – Riichi Mahjong for 4 players

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Meet R Mahjong - Real Japanese Riichi Mahjong.
Riichi Mahjong - the game of Saki and Akagi. The most interesting game in the world.
Fans of this game will appreciate R Mahjong. Why?


First of all, R Mahjong has a real AI that quickly collects mahjong hand. The calculation shanten number and uke-ire is used.

R Mahjong is fast. Really fast. You can adjust the speed of the game to your taste.


R Mahjong gives you the ability to save your games so that you can later view and analyze them. 
You can view the games played in either step-by-step or automatic mode. Viewing is possible from the point of view of any of the players.


Moving on. Another disadvantage of many Riichi Mahjong applications is the Japanese interface.  R Mahjong interface is in Japanese (for Japanese) 
and English is for all others.  This may change in the future by adding new languages.
R Mahjong is completely free and has no in-app purchases.
The type of advertisement is switched according to the preferences of the player.


There is one more thing. R Mahjong is multiplayer game. You can play against other people on the local network (via Wi-Fi). Not enough players? No problem. 
You can play against people and bots in any combination. Unlike large Japanese servers, where you mostly get a random opponent, with R Mahjong you can start 
the game with your fellows just in a couple of touches. You could never fulfill your desire to play riichi mahjong with your friends so fast before.


Some things will be realized soon. First of all, this is an open hands game mode - all players have their mahjong hands open. 
Then more rule options. iOS version. Statistics analyzer of played games.

More distant plans - a game on the Internet. Strong AI (artificial intelligence). 

You can install R Mahjong - the real riichi mahjong right now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arttech.rmahjong

There is an application support site: http://riichimahjong.net







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