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Cell Yell - the futile practice of yelling on a cell phone caused by a lack of understanding of the technology or in an attempt to overcome a bad connection

Cellfishness - a type of rudeness in which cell phone users subject others to loud and/or inappropriate conversations

Cell Bump - a minor collision that occurs when an ambulatory cell phone user does not watch where s/he's going

Cell Pat - a wildly amusing occurrence when a group of people desperately pat their pockets or briefcases when a single cell phone rings

Cell Rage - an advanced state of anger caused by abuse, whether real or perceived, of cell phones and other noise-making mobile devices

Cell Wars - a social upheaval occurring in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century resulting from the introduction of the cell phone without an accompanying set of manners

Celly - slang word for cell phone commonly used in the U.K. and creeping into hip hop jargon

Cellulitis - excessive weight caused by multiple cell phones and other wireless devices

Cell Hell - when someone who wishes to read or nap finds him/herself on a commuter train or bus filled with persons talking on their cell phones

Text Kissing - the sappy habit of typing in Xs and Os to your sweetheart via text messaging

Cellular Samaritan - a person who uses his/her cell phone to call 911 or otherwise assist in an emergency

Schitzophonia - the appearance given when one is walking down the street talking loudly on a cell phone using a not easily visible headset

Walk and Talk - talking on your cell phone while walking down the street

Cell Glare - the practice of giving a strongly disapproving look to a cell phone user who is speaking too loudly or about personal matters best kept private. Wearers of glasses or sunglasses frequently push them down their noses and administer the cell glare with naked eyes

Cellaciousness - the act of turning one's body away from others in public or lowering one's voice because you are speaking or listening to words on your cell phone which are otherwise embarrassing, rude, secretive or overtly sexual

Cell squint - similar to the cell yell, the cell squint is a mistaken physiological maneuver that does little to improve one's hearing, but is intended to do so

Cellhibitionist - a cell phone user who feels that, by loudly and blatantly brandishing their cell voice as they stand stock-still in the middle of a fast-food line or local market, or browse the frozen-food section of Trader Joe's, or ride a commuter vehicle, s/he somehow enhances his/her importance or sexiness in the eyes of fellow shoppers or riders

Dead Ringer - the melody of a dead composer, such as Beethoven's 5th Symphony, used in place of the traditional ring

Dialogus Interruptus - a dropped call OR a cell phone interrupting a live conversation

Cell-arized - When someone is using a cell phone as a fashion or "power" accessory

Chokaphonia - the urge to throttle a loud cell phone user

Cell Startle - sudden jump someone makes when their or someone else's phone rings

Cellophanity - the loud cursing one does while trying to make a point on a cell phone; also the cursing done by those who are being disturbed by a loud cell phone user

Bermuda Cell-angle - A cell phone free zone or an area where no cell phone coverage exists

Disconnectia - the state one enters when one's cell phone battery suddenly dies. This usually happens right around the time The Big Business Deal is about to go through -- or not go through. A few minutes later, one usually enters the later stage of Cursing Disconnectia, closely followed by the state of Slamentia, where one throws the phone to the ground or against the nearest wall

-- courtesy of www.CellManners.com

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