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Media Player Performance

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I've just got my self a nice 128mb SD card so that I can listern to lots of music on my SPV. Unfortunatly the performace in crap. The sound keeps breaking up, I assume this is becasue the phoen is doing somting else and there isn't enough CPU to decode the music as well. I've tried shutting down as many processes as I can, but that doesn't seem to help. Most of the music is in wma, but i've heard that mp3 performs better on the SPV. Is this true? Does anybody know of any other way to imporve the performance.

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welcome to the site mate :)

firstly you might want to try downgrading the quality of the WMA using Windows Media convertor or DBpowerAmp.

I find mp3 work better for me, i use DBpowerAmp.

for mwa downgrading look here:- (its for video but you can follow the same process)


second you also may want to try Pocket MVP from playing mp3's as this program also contains a skip through track function... also lots more.

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