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Roaming and Other Concerns

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Hi All!

Since you guys have been on the network longer than I have, I was hoping you could give me some feedback. :lol:

How is the Addict mobile service when it comes to international roaming? Are the calls clear? Can you send and receive SMS with no problem?

I travel a lot for work and I hope that the service can match or even better my Globe subscription. I have not cut it yet just for this purpose. Wanna know that I can depend on it to deliver like I have been dependeing on Globe all this time.

If it makes a differnce, I travel around Asia, Europe, and the US. (So far)

I also experienced the call rerouting when you're even ONE day overdue. What's up with that? It's not like I won't pay them. Never had this problem with Globe. :roll:

Also, they constantly send you reminders when you exceed 50% of your limit. When you want to increase the limit so that they will stop buggin you, you still have to present a ot of documents as if you were applying for a new line. Since I travel a lot, this could be a problem. :x

If I remember correctly, I read somewhere here that there is different rate for GPRS if you use it overseas? :shock:

I apologize for the long post but the sooner I know the sooner I can make a decision on which line to cut or downgrade as maintaining 2 "business plans" is straining the budget. :oops:

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

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Hi HardCharger,

First, Welcome to Modaco.

Well, i can only give info about addict's international roaming based on my experience. i've been to several asian countries before and used IR both using Smart and Globe...

When i was using Globe IR, most calls i made/recieved are not clear and there's a delay, it's like your using an IP phone. I never experienced any of that using Smart IR. And if i remember it correctly, Globe charged me a little more than Smart.

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