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Possible memory problems?

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Hi All!

I just heard some disturbing news regarding a friend of mine who has an SPV100.

I believe that he got an SD card for it with a 128MB capacity and managed to somehow FILL that card. :shock:

Now the problem is this, when accessing informaiton on the card, the phone just simply hung then died. :shock:

There was someone who suggested that maybe there was too much information on the card that the RAM on the phone had a lot of difficulty processing it leading to death of the phone.

Based on what I've been reading on this and other forums, this shouldn't be the case.

But in the highly unlikely event that this IS an actual problem, is there a way to solve it? :?:

Please let me know as I'm planning on buying a second MS Smartphone unit and would like to make sure that I will not encounter what he did. 8)

Thanks and hope to hear from you all again soon. :)

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i very much doubt that the case, i've filled up my 256mb card up before, it had only 4kb free space and my SPV had no trouble reading it.

Try what the other person suggested, format the card and try again :)

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