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  2. I was reading this blog https://www.purevpn.com/blog/ssl-vpn/ and thought that is it really more secure ?
  3. Android tablets have gained huge popularity as one of the most versatile devices in the market. Be it for enterprise-use where the tablet can be embedded like a kiosk, or for personal use where it can be used to display educational content for kids, Android tablets always come in handy.

    The cost-effective Android display tablets have diverse use cases and the most common one is that of a kiosk. As a kiosk, Android tablet needs to run a single application, giving users limited access. For example, to fill forms without allowing access to any other app on the device. An Android tablet can also be used as digital signage in a commercial environment where it needs to be locked down in a single application. For kids, Android tablets offer great means of learning, provided they are restricted to education-specific applications and websites.

    In all the above-mentioned use-cases, it is essential to lock Android tablet to one app. With its intuitive capabilities and singular dashboard to manage multiple devices, Scalefusion MDM locks Android tablets into a single-app mode within few simple steps.

  4. Android devices are the most popular kiosk devices deployed for a variety of operations across diverse industries. In fact, anywhere we look around, the digital devices deployed all around us for day-to-day purposes are Android devices. Be it as way-finders in malls, mPOS systems in retail stores to digital signage displaying eye-catching ads of the latest products, Android kiosks are popular. They are easy to use, have excellent operational efficiency and are highly cost-efficient. But as these Android devices are used for multiple business benefits, it’s essential to manage them with a dependable MDM solution that can ensure the security of the device and its data and also enforce policies to make sure that the device is used only for the intended purpose.

    Original Source - How to Hide Status and Notification Bar in Android Devices

  5. If you are looking for a reliable and best SEO company in Mumbai, Movinnza is your solution. We are a reputed and popular website development, web designing and seo company in Mumbai, India. https://www.movinnza.in/seo-company-mumbai

  6. Description Links Puzzle is a relaxing, mind-bending, minimalist puzzle game that offers over 1000 hand-crafted levels. Links Puzzle will help you improve your ability to focus and to relax, while you develop your own strategy to solve puzzles. From Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alecgames.links Features: * Minimalistic design * Relaxing atmosphere * 4 Game Modes: “Classic”, “Switch color”, “Magic” and “Relaxing” * 8 background themes * Hints system to help you to resolve the puzzles * Daily rewards. Need more hints? No problem, win two hints every day for open Links Puzzle Watch video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pd7TCoTQ830 Promo Image:
  7. I'm using the stock ROM but I'm also getting the same problem whenever just 40% it turns down.firstly my flashlight turn down Secondly my button stopped working now my battery stopping at 40% during shuts down at 40%
  8. Thank you so much man, it worked. I´ve got a backup of Tasker now. Bumble
  9. Hi, one game that never made it to release, the Motorola MPX200 messed the plans a bit as it did not have a directional pad movement.
  10. : ) Hello all the old folks on here. Benzo
  11. No longer for sale. Still selling the s8
  12. Earlier
  13. Bought in Spain on holiday, sim free unlocked.128gb dual sim.Still has the original film on rear and some part of the bezel. Also original screen protector still on.2 pin fast charger unused this can be swapped for a UK chargerUsb cable unusedHead phones unusedComes with 2 cases, one is a genuine samsung silicone with microfibre lining. £450 inc postage Will consider a trade for a newer iphone
  14. Selling like new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in Grey All accessories unused and phone still has factory screen protector on and been in a case so mint condition. Looking for £850 delivered
  15. Yes. In my country xiaomi is very popular now, i also have xiaomi
  16. I prefer default weather apps, they're the best.
  17. Xiaomi develop the best china's smartphones.
  18. I find this application really interesting and useful for trucks carrying goods.
  19. I didn't know this kind of apps existed, thanks for sharing it with us.
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