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  4. Hi, If I've read it right, it looks from Wardrin's Tesco response as though they are trying to pass the buck to Google for failing to support earlier versions of Android, and using potential security issues as an excuse to duck out of their responsibilities.... This really doesn't wash - if you took their reasoning to its logical conclusion, all versions of Android no longer 'supported' by Google would be considered null and void, and it wouldn't be possible to use, let alone reinstall firmware for, any Android device running OS versions released before this point. We know this isn't true - there will be literally millions of android tablets and phones still in regular use with early Android versions. The responsibility for any security issues with these earlier versions lies squarely with the user, so there is no justification for Tesco withholding a 'clean' update to Android 4.2.2 for HUDL1s and appropriate HUDL2s without the obligatory Tesco server visit for bloatware installation. All it would require on Tesco's part to rid themselves of the HUDL 'curse' (as I'm sure they will see it) for good would be to commission a small investment in IT time from their 3rd party providers to re-package the existing update on the existing server. They could then publicise the need to download the update within a certain time before closing the server down permanently (I think 3-6 months would be reasonable). Sadly, I feel a media campaign coming on again.....will they never learn ? Viv
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  6. Just got a reply from Tesco: "Thank you for your patience while I've been speaking with my colleagues. The Android operating system that Hudl runs on is no longer supported by Google, and although we have previously been able to temporarily resolve this issue, we are unable to do this again. Without the necessary updates the device and its apps cannot be appropriately protected with the latest security software. Do you have a Hudl that you're now unable to use? I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Lewis Gorrie Customer Service Specialist On behalf of the Executive’s Office Tel: 0800 072 6685" I've answered that indeed I have three Hudls of which two are affected but I don't really expect a happy ending this time...
  7. Thanks, I emailed the peeps at Tesco on the emails provided when I first posted, had a few auto responses saying they were busy and would be reviewed, but appears some have had a response that they are looking into this issue, which is good news. Hopefully just spinning up a server and updating the certificates should do the job, I hadn't used the Hudl2 in a while and was just resetting it to put a new account on for my son, I will update to Lollypop when it comes back.
  8. I have the contents of the fastboot zip but not the zip - i have unrooted versions of the images, too. Want the fastboot tools?
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  11. Whenever I try to delete my account, it tells me I have commerce transactions and to contact the admin, but I'm not aware of any transactions. I've opened three separate tickets via contact us and have even PM'd Paul, but I'm not hearing anything back. Any other ideas I could try? The attached image is what I'm seeing when I attempt to delete the account myself. Thanks!
  12. For more Stock factory signed Firmware Vist https://www.jujumobi.info/
  13. Hi. Same problem here. Factory reset because it belonged to someone else&had password. Reset it, I get to connect to Internet&its authenticating, then "cannot connect" I see no "terms&conditions" pop up?? So therefore can get no further
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  15. I received a slightly more expansive reply to my mail from Tesco, but at least it shows they are aware and responding: "Thank you for your email to our Chief Executive, I have been asked to respond on his behalf. I am sorry to hear about the problems with your HUDL and can appreciate your concerns especially as this is not your first time encountering these issues. Regrettably I cannot provide an explanation at the moment however, our technical support teams are currently looking into this matter and will get back to me as soon as possible with an update. As soon as I have further information I will be back in touch and we can then hopefully resolve the on going issues with your HUDL. Thank you for your patience, I will be back in touch soon and please let me know if you have any further queries." We should probably give them the benefit of the doubt, at least until they come back with a definitive answer. It may be that their 3rd party suppliers haven't kept them up to date on some unscheduled maintenance / technical problems which have taken the server offline. Let's hope the issue is resolved reasonably quickly, given the inconvenience folks are being put through. I'm minded to recommend an exit strategy for them along the lines of my last post, so we can avoid this happening yet again in a year or so's time. Can any of our Android experts confirm it would be possible for them to generate an update for unconverted HUDL2s and HUDL1s without the obligatory connection with their server ? The jury is out.... Viv
  16. Got this reply today for one of the emails sent to Tesco: "Thank you for your email addressed to Dave Lewis, our Chief Executive. I've been asked to reply on his behalf. My colleagues in our support team are looking at your concerns now and I'll be back in touch as soon as I have more information. Thank you for your patience. Kind regards, Lewis Gorrie"
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  18. Hi there, I have already confirmed that hudl2s running Lollipop are not affected, see my earlier post today. I can confirm this based on the testing I did last night with hudl1s, hudl2s running 4.4.2 and hudl2s running 5.1. Unfortunately all this stuff about fiddlers, launchers, rooting etc. are beyond the vast majority of users, myself included, both in terms of hardware/software and knowhow, therefore the only feasible fix is for Tesco to reinstate the handshake - it was something as simple as a server replying 'ok' when a hudl contacts it - it's somewhere in the posts from 2019 but I haven't had the chance to read through the entire thread again yet. Please help our cause by contacting Tesco as the more people complain the more likely they are to reinstate it.
  19. Hi all, I have managed to get my Hudl 2 working by following the instructions that use the fiddler software. However I didn't start form a clean install as I've done all the previous workarounds with second user account and Nova launcher beforehand and didn't want to have to do all of that again. Also it saved me a lot of time as I didn't have to do the keyboard trick to get to settings each time. I didn't even have to complete the whole procedure as I was able to finish setup after completing the step where you connect to wifi with proxy settings for the second time. Just remember to forget your wifi after that and connect again without the proxy setting or you won't be able to connect to internet. Still, can't see any potential buyer being happy with following all these steps to set up the tablet. PS. Can anyone confirm tablets running lollipop are not affected as they weren't last time? I've got one that I use myself but might just sell it, if it's not affected and keep using this one until the issue is resolved. Thanks Edit: Forgot to mention that this tablet is rooted as it was the first thing I've done trying to fix the issue before I've found this thread. Don't know if it changes anything as it was acting exactly the same after rooting.
  20. Hi All, I am sorry to hear that this problem has arisen again! Thankfully, I have avoided doing a factory reset, so currently my Hudl still works. I have, however, just emailed Dave Lewis to offer my support.
  21. Hello all, I have done a factory reset on my Hudl 1 and so have this problem. Thanks to all who have posted previously, especially Anna65. I have emailed the following:- [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] The more people complain, the more likely we will get a result.
  22. Yes. At startup a hudl "shakes hands" with a Tesco server. This went down in January 2019 so any hudls trying to connect to it got stuck after entering WiFi details, unable to proceed. We managed to get them to reinstate the handshake only, which enabled hudls to be set up and used again, but they didn't reinstate the facility to update the android software. However, just being able to use the hudls again was a reasonable result. However, likely due to server contract renewal like Viv says above, the fix they put in has now disappeared again so hudls that have been factory reset are currently unusable again. For those new to this thread and who haven't read all of it, this affects all hudl1s and those hudl2s that are still running 4.4.2 KitKat. Those hudl2s on 5.1 Lollipop don't seem to have the handshake as part of the setup process, so they are safe and still able to be set up again after a factory reset. But there are a lot of hudl1s and KitKat hudl2s still out there, being used, or wanting to be used, which have now been killed off again. Ecnirp98, please help us in our efforts to get Tesco to put the fix back in by emailing Tesco at the addresses listed above! Thanks.
  23. Thanks Anna - Good to hear the HUDL has retained its loyal following over the past year, and folks are suitably aggrieved that this has happened again. Let's hope our combined efforts bear fruit again this time. My guess is that Tesco may try to dig their heels in on grounds of elapsed time/obsolescence, so we should be prepared to enlist the support of the media once again if this happens. I still can't understand why Tesco didn't simply ask their 3rd party suppliers to make a revised stock ROM available without the Tesco bloatware and obligatory passage through their server. This could have been distributed as an upgrade online over a reasonable period before closing down the servers, and allowed them a viable exit strategy from their maintenance commitment. We actually recommended this course of action last year, and I'm sure it would have been much more cost effective for them in the long run (and involved a lot less bad press). I'll post details of any replies I get - nothing in the inbox so far... Viv
  24. Just done a factory reset on my Hudl 2 as it was very slow, now at the Start of setup I cannot connect to Wifi, even though the Hudl 2 lists it, I enter password and it just says 'Couldn't access internet', so after some searching I found this forum, it looks like there was a fix last year for this, but has this stopped working now? Thanks.
  25. I'm feeling both lucky and unlucky. My daughter was given her grandfathers Hudl 1 yesterday as a present and what do you know stuck at wifi screen. Used workaround to access user accounts then got stuck at the update loop. Stumbled across this forum and found that the problem arose last year and seemed to be fixed. I'm kind of glad that there are posts from the last 24 hours though. I have emailed the contacts in Anna65s post and thrown in my two pence as well. Hopefully we can get it sorted again, got one very excited/disappointed little girl here. Fingers crossed.
  26. Many thanks for that info I shall mail also. Although i could well expect a few metaphoric email filters on hudl will make them oblivious to our predicament. I can understand companies not wanting to continue investing in on-going support for older products. What do they gain in doing so; other that loyal customers who are likely to be return buyers. How to loose friends and alienate people. It would be good if at least they gave one last update that removed the connection to that server, or built in the option to reconfigure, skip these initialisation steps. Thanks again for email contacts.
  27. I've just emailed Dave Lewis. He'll be pleased this came back to bite him before he could hand over the reins! I've copied in all the other email addresses I communicated with in 2019. All should still work as far as I can tell. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
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