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  3. dazmatic

    Bootloader unlocking

    So I can boot into ubuntu grub and try to boot windows loader from there using "chainloader (hd0,msdos1)/efi/boot/bootia32.efi" but it just comes up with an error message and then loads into the bootloader EFI menu so it looks like it can't detect the windows efi to boot from it but it can find the linux one fine?
  4. Khalbob

    Wanted HUDL 1 JDQ39.20140424.153851 stock rom

    Tesko fixed my device with a same problem. The best thing is to ask them to do this.
  5. dazmatic

    Bootloader unlocking

    Yeah no luck with uefi but ubuntu livecd on usb works fine. really want to get android image working but ubuntu or even windows would be great
  6. Garsay

    Bootloader unlocking

    Unfortunately I couldn't get to UEFI, I don't know how and I don't have a display to see something, it doesn't work on HDMI, just after loading the drivers. But booting from a USB device can be without problems even without access to UEFI, so at least it did.
  7. dazmatic

    Bootloader unlocking

    So I've now got the modified flash on here. I'm in unknown territory now, how do I get into uefi?
  8. dazmatic

    Bootloader unlocking

    Thats probably why, not erasing before writing. ill try again.
  9. Garsay

    Bootloader unlocking

    You need to delete the memory before writing. You must also have a 1.8V voltage converter. Without it, the memory can be read, but it may not be quite right, but writing can cause problems. From my experience, after erasing the memory, it is necessary to wait a minute and then it is possible to write, I do not know if it is a blockage in CH341, but I did not immediately.
  10. dazmatic

    Bootloader unlocking

    My ch341 arrived and ive read the chip and saved the original. Dont seem to be able to write your .bin though though. Have erased but cant write?
  11. Yesterday
  12. Hi I would like to know, if LuneOs (port of webos) could be compatible with our phones i don't know what is the status of that project but in the wikipedia says "All devices can have a LuneOS port if they have a CyanogenMod ROM available that works." thanks for the answers and excuse me by my bad english
  13. Bought from mobiles.co.uk sim freeback to s10 so selling this onMint and boxed with all accesories
  14. markdotpeters5

    Google Pixel 3 - 64gb Clearly White - £375 delivered

    Sold elsewhere
  15. Originally bought by me as a refurb from MobilePhonesDirect. I can provide receipt to buyer. Mint condition with Spigen clear case, boxed with accessories including unopened headphones. Payment via BACS please, delivery by RMSD. Bought and sold lots on the old PSC forum, not so much on here (I've been quite good lately! ) Still think this is the best cameraphone out there. Only selling because I'm replacing it with a 3XL. Feel free to ask for references if required
  16. when I type in T3, my hudl reboots into fastboot and at the bottom it says E: NO INSTALLER MEDIUM FOUND what do I do?
  17. Price reduction down to £520, that's cheaper than the 6T normal edition.
  18. Last week
  19. ACGroup

    Free Themes Update

  20. pachanga231

    Honor 9 lite unlocked £100

    Sapphire blue, dual sim dual camera 32gb Original charger/box/sealed earphones. Bought as a spare whilst my phone being repaired, in great condition. Price includes delivery
  21. dazmatic

    Bootloader unlocking

    I've just ordered a CH341. Should be here in a few days. I don't have the 1.8V adapter but I've got a 1.8V power supply and logic converter. which appears to work fine so I'll know more when it arrives.7 Also ordered some 1.8V adapters, I run a business on ebay UK (user booskibits) and the 1.8V adapters are too expensive so I've bought small quantity (10) of adapters and sop8 sockets and also bought 10x spi flash chips as spares to test. I can't find wson flash but got sop8 which should fit on board the same.
  22. Garsay

    Bootloader unlocking

    Yes, I use the CH341s programmer with a 1.8V converter. You can use UEFI from my first post, a clean android will run there without problems. If you can get Windows 10 up and running, I'll be very grateful to you, without a display I don't know what's going on there. I wish you good luck.
  23. dazmatic

    Bootloader unlocking

    Thanks so much for your helpful insight. I'm not having much luck reading off the flash chip with my FT2232 adapter. I've tested software in windows and ubuntu but the flash doesn't respond so I may have to get a programmer like yours, the CH341 and 1.8V adapter. At least then it's purpose built for doing this job! All I want to do is to be able to unlock the bootloader and flash a fresh android image to the emmc
  24. Garsay

    Bootloader unlocking

    Hi, I do not have a copy of flash memory, because I could not create it, so I actually have, but only a few sections, the most important. Would you like to share them? It's almost 4GB, the system was working. I've already started Linux Ubuntu on it and runs smoothly, booting directly from internal flash memory. It really works, Secure Boot is off! I can't boot Windows (7, 8.1, 10 - x86 / x64), it actually boot, but then it crashes. I don't have a functional display, I don't see what's going on there and it only works on HDMI when loading a Linux-based OS, or after an iGPU driver. Even so, I am very happy for success, it was my first shutdown of SecureBoot. And I'm glad that someone has visited this thread PS: In the appendix, I attach a photo from SPI memory programming and Linux Ubuntu testing.
  25. boltspectrum

    Request Ubuntu Touch

    somebody knows what is the status of ubports or postmarketOS project for our phone? somebody knows what is the LuneOS (open source webOS project) status? and if that project would be compatible with huawei G510? somebody knows what is the AstianOS (based in linux and firefox Os ) status?
  26. dazmatic

    Bootloader unlocking

    Have you got the original flash dump from before you edited it? I'm in the process of setting up an ft2232 to 1.8v spi adapter to read off a couple of dead boards. I know 1 flash chip works as it'll boot into android so I hope to get a working image off that and I've got 1 flash chip I think is dead which I'm going to try and read first. I have no problems soldering and my soldering skills are pretty good. I've got some bga stencils on order as I'd like to see if I can read off the emmc chip and get the partition details, looks like the Samsung emmc flash that Tesco used in the Hudl 2 is known to be problematic as I believe certain Sony phones have the same boot loop/crappy emmc issue. Would be great to get a working android image zip to flash to an emmc to try on the boards.
  27. I have followed the instructions posted by Paul. I have been able to get to the sm partition disk step, but all that is returned is a prompt. Viewing my S7 Edge, nothign seems to have changed with the storage amounts. Can anybody help me?
  28. minty1978

    Pixel 3 XL 64gb - White

    Selling my Pixel 3 XL 64gb in white. Purchased new in December. Comes with all original accessories including unused headphones. Genuine Google fabric case and DBrand Grip. It is in immaculate condition, no scratches, marks or dents. Looking for £500 inc RMSD to the UK only. Also have the Google wireless charger for £50.
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