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  2. DIY Pogo pin programmer clip. Handy having a laser engraver!
  3. Hello, take a look here : https://www.androidcentral.com/how-make-backup-any-app-you-installed-your-phone
  4. I sort of figured out how to get to the extra data reset menu part and it is still pressing windows/print screen/home then up arrow,i believe you have to exit the first section of the recovery menu 1st to go back to the broken robot screen then you do as i suggested and if done in a specific way it brings up erase.It may however have been that you press down to the bottom of 1st list of the set of adb update and erase cache options then press up once meaning it won't move up but would in theory have highlighted the erase option if it were visible then you back out some how to the robot and then windows print screen and home up arrow to re-enter into the erase option menu.That bit is a bit of a mystery as i only managed to re-inact it once tonight.But it could mean you accidentaly select a wrong erase or similar if you took my word for it and for all we know kill the installation.This menu finding is not really for the faint of heart to be honest.
  5. It's up to myfluxi on how often he brunches and uploads a build
  6. I am selling my DJI Osmo Pocket. New costs £320. This also includes the following - - DJI Osmo Pocket Controller Wheel - DJI Osmo Wireless Module - DJI Osmo Accessory Mount - 32gb micro SD card The above accessories are worth £100 new. - Freewell Standard Day 4K series ND Filters (these are £70 new alone) - Freewell Bright Day 4K series ND Filters (again £70 new) - Diada Hard case for DJI Osmo and accessories as shown in pic (£15 new) - Tripod screw mount accessory Basically the best selection of everything for the DJI Osmo Pocket. The above cost me just over £600. Asking £379.
  7. Yesterday
  8. What are you using to read the ROM? I'd like to take a look. Just been readings the forums at win-raid.com and they seem quite knowledgeable when it comes to bios modding.
  9. Thank you. As I can see, my ROM is not kicked, but what I considered to be bugs are log records. I just don't understand why enchce it to HDMI, it's possible that it wants to turn off fastboot, or turn on the UEFI setup option to run after a system restart with a command. But it is too much for me, I do not have so much time to do it, hopefully I will get to it
  10. Can't I'm afraid, my original uefi dump was done at a time when I had the crappy FT2232H board and the dump is garble. There is a link below however that I've found with a bios that someone from a previous post on this thread linked to which is an original bios and it compares well but no indication whether it's 32 or 64bit. I've not tried flashing it yet but what the hell, I might try on my 4.4.2 tablet. https://sites.google.com/site/unferium/x86-store-area/HUDL2-BIOS-copy1.BIN
  11. I work as freelance Web Developer at one of leading freelance company in the market which is a field engineer. It serves as a telecom hub for every aspiring entrepreneur.

  12. Can you please send me your original UEFI dump? It seems to me that mine is a little kicked. Thank you
  13. Hi, can I have your opinion on Uhans Max 2?
  14. it looks nice but I personally i don't see the usefulness of this phone, it is not essential
  15. Yeah, that's what I was hoping for. With previous uefi I could boot android x86 fine so something isn't quite right.
  16. It should be better for Windows, not for Android, but good that you wrote it, I'll keep trying. I soldered SPI flash to CH341 again, so I can try it with myself. It is interesting that I can not activate HDMI as the default display, but according to the settings it should go, if it does not solve, so I can not try anything and the display in the Czech Republic can not get.
  17. Can boot android x86 to install but it won't boot thereafter so whatever you've done to the uefi file has not been for the better it seems. Will flash back
  18. Last week
  19. Id really like android working so I can give it back to my dad. Can't even boot a windows 8 image though now which is strange. Windows or Linux on the other would be great as I could probably use it as a sole display for a laser engraver
  20. I don't see any difference between them, but if you want a ROM on your tablet, you can try it if you want to ... Should I try to do something about it, or are you not interested in Windows on that tablet?
  21. I tried windows 10. Windows 8 should work?
  22. It is a pity that it does not want a boot, I do not understand what is there for other problems, but the BIOS is ready for Windows 8, I will not give up, I found HDMI switching, so I solder the cables to SPI and try to flash if I can HDMI as default. Otherwise, with the BIOS flash update, I didn't find anything about x86 / x64.
  23. Well, I put the 32bit 'BIOSUPDATE.fv' efi file extracted from the hudl2_ota_rel.android-build.20150529.110309_to_rel.android-build.20150803.092218.zip file into the EFI folder on the emmc and now it won't even boot at all from any source so it's clear to me that's not going to work. Will have to reflash the uefi again.
  24. Sorry, no go. Still getting ACPI BIOS ERROR bluescreen
  25. Super! I can't wait for the result
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