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    New Build up lineage-14.1-20180620-UNOFFICIAL-p839v55.zip Lineage sources updated Low mic volume while recording improved Updated audio drivers
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    Top spec Surface Book 2 i7 / GTX 1050 / 16GB RAM / 512GB SSD, mint, boxed with stylus and in warranty. £1750 inc. Awesome machine, selling to fund different gadgets as I have a new work laptop!
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    For Sale - OnePlus 5, 128GB. Black, very good condition. I used this as my work phone so it hasn't seen to much hard use and has been looked after. Dash charge is very efficient. Unlocked, sim free. Complete with all original packaging, box etc. £300 or decent offer including RMSD Payment by bank transfer.
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    I can vouch for Murray as a good seller.
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    Hi, Please see below 360 N7 for sale. First Housekeeping: Device originally owned by me only Device is imported Device are unlocked Warranty is held with seller if it's every needed Case and screen protector since they have been taken out of the box 360 N7 Colour - Grey Memory - 6GB/128GB Chinese rom with English and easily install Google GMS in the menu of the phone as an option 5030mah battery Dual Camera Spec - https://www.gizmochina.com/2018/05/08/360-n7-launches-with-snapdragon-660-a-massive-5030mah-battery/ Cheers Brendan
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    Hi All, Please see bundle for sale below. First Housekeeping: Device originally owned by me Device is imported Device is unlocked Warranty is held with seller if it's every needed Case and and screen protector since they have been taken out of the box Zenfone 5 Colour - Silver Memory - 4GB/64GB Global Version with Google Play I have a very good reputation with selling devices across multiple groups so please feel free to ask around. Cheers Brendan
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    I have fixed the glitches by setting all small cores to 800MHZ min 1.1GHZ max and forcing the big cores to 800MHZ min 1.45GHZ max. This makes the phone UI and browsers work smooth. It's the wae.
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    Cool! Thanks so much for all the support. I managed to do it with !tested not working! method, and it worked. :)
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    No customs risk. It'll ship from the UK if they happen to be holding stock else China to UK warehouse then on, no customs risk.
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    Delivery will probably be a little longer in my experience but that aside, no, no real catch.
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    Huawei's low to mid range device, the P Smart, is currently only £169.99 at Amazon in either black or gold. That's a bit of a bargain. That price gets you a single SIM device with a Kirin 659 octa-core processor, 32GB storage, a trendy 5.65" 18:9 screen, Android Oreo with EMUI 8 and dual rear cameras. You don't get 5GHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 or USB-C, but they aren't terrible compromises at the price. Performance is good thanks to that processor and 3GB RAM, battery life is great too thanks to the 3000mAh battery and NFC is included for Google Pay. The device itself shares its internals with the Honor 9 Lite, but has a more subtle body that is less slippery in the hand. Interested? Head on over to Amazon to pick one up. View full item
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