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    These are for model PLK-L01 only Full ROM packages: B330b EMUI 4.0 Android 6.0.1 (United Kingdom) - Download: Hihonor.com, Mega.nz - md5 checksum: 5EE307CAEAEAA76A422A205E21572F66 B330b EMUI 4.0 Android 6.0.1 (France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain) - Download: Hihonor.com - md5 checksum: 9FDBB46023E65E69DF53CBBCF41D3B09 B121 EMUI 3.1 Android 5.1 - Download: Mega.nz B100 EMUI 3.1 Android 5.1 - Download: Hihonor.com OTA updates: B121 to B180 update - Download: Dropbox, Mega.nz, Hi-Cloud - md5 checksum: A86FDA1E2AE81B543F248A5D06E61FCC B170 to B180 update - Download: Dropbox, mega.nz - md5 checksum: 03B8062E4C7D62BB81100EBDD08FAC56 Older OTA updates: B100 to B121 update - Download: Dropbox, Mega.nz - md5 checksum: 2206D0FADA9AC2DF7818EB77B8A2E5CF B121 to B130 update - Download: Dropbox - md5 checksum: B17AA83742D31BAA44FB74ECFC52519A B130 to B140 update - Download: Dropbox - md5 checksum: 18AD9B85347C19E4816B0AB0C67342D6 B140 to B170 update - Download: Dropbox - md5 checksum: E1A126921035DC5589EAB388F775A7C2
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    Install the app "Layers Theme". It is an alternative to the "CM Theme". Only CM Theme works only on Cyanogenmod and Layers is the engine for many ROMs, including aosp. I'm on slimlp put this engine, and it worked fine.About switching songs with volume buttons, install xposed and the gravityBox module to it it is possible to add this feature. And indeed a lot of things.
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    CyanogenMod 11.0 for the Huawei Ascend G300 You must use a recovery updated for 4.3+ to use this ROM. A CWM build is linked below. Sources: github.com/Dazzozo & github.com/legaCyMod FAQ: Where did the developer/performance options go? Tap on the build number 5 times in "About phone". Where did the recovery reboot option go? It has to be enabled in developer options, "Advanced reboot". Why did the boot animation change? Why did the Play Store disappear? Why does my phone not leave the boot animation? A change Huawei made (for seemingly no reason) completely breaks 4.3+. It has been reverted in the kernel here, but recoveries may need updating too. How do I use FM Radio? Spirit FM supports the G300 as of 21/12. Why is Photo Sphere unavailable? The G300 doesn't have a gyroscope. Currently Photo Sphere is basically dependent on one. If development occurs within CM that provides a workaround, you'll know about it. Why isn't ADB working? https://plus.google....sts/M2pVM7Y6MTq You need to update your Android platform tools and then approve the PC on your device. Android 4.2.2+ feature. Downloads: ROM available on my GetCM, which allows for OTA updates. Check out "CyanogenMod updates" in the "About phone" menu. ROM: http://getcm.dazzozo...m/?device=u8815 ClockworkMod Recovery: http://www.modaco.co...ated-0509/ Google apps: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2397942 or http://www.modaco.c...ted-2013-12-14/ Credits: Fagulhas, tilal6991, Kra1o5, Blefish, KonstaT, alanorth, PaulMilbank, our Chinese friends and all other contributors - your hair pulling and loss of sanity is appreciated :P The guys in IRC - #huawei-g300 @ freenode for occasionally being cool :P The CM team and contributors Huawei! (sometimes) Crazy donator list, I love you all Arnette carstenheuer samjam x3 Umrtvovacz x2 sammyc77 bladebuddy skobywan goekane x4 Valicek1 x2 Dildano 22point8 x3 ugnius40 maritimesbob paddyponchero x2 RussellS Matthew_Smithy tcpaulh dragpyre daewhin Cyda Hans Gruber grmn shockdj ScutulatusCrotalus Wanyal unaszplodrmann x2 raoulteeuwen mack_ lakyljuk x2 pepdavies gnb10 alastor66 SdZ x2 Caglio x2 milamber77 Titas x2 MioCZ vice17 melodystyle2003 momoldn Colossae3.23 dp29380 dwilkie x3 MediumDave TheSkeletoN marcars x2 andysterling fiah84 timfimjim soulhand thebuell x2 lakyljuk JRow rob4x4 _cobra SL_The_Hedgehog raverrr andymac1969 dalyer MioCZ todoleo intensedarkness x2 stumark Rebas ptoner Kekenious sporksnail Sako Verife jordanclarke69 Artful Bodger zdenacc Turquo1se alhimyaa Mhisani Fox raoulduke22 netmanmac thomanski solarmon Muzler clayts450 Patty1961 rymate1234 joba69 tomjanda rhen painteramit mulardo hvy109 timli Nalaztre
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