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    Try this instead after you select the cog and access the Google Keyboard settings - 1. Select About Google Keyboard 2. Select open source licences 3. Highlight some text with a long press and select WEB SEARCH from the top right 4. This will take you to a page showing a message saying there's no Internet connection 5. Type settings into the search box at the top and select the hudl settings icon from the drop down This takes you into hudl settings where you can select Users to add a 2nd user and continue with the rest of the earlier instructions. (credit to robin0800 on a different thread).
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    1. Switch off the hudl. 2. Press and hold down the volume up button (keep holding!). 3. Press and hold down the power button (you're now holding down both buttons). 4. Eventually the 'powered by Android' screen will appear briefly, followed by the Android System Recovery menu (and you can let go of the buttons) . 5. Follow the instructions (if you make a mistake you can just start again). Shout if you get stuck.
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