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    A few little hints for getting the most out of the Classified Ads forum! You can quickly access this forum by using the URL https://classifiedads.modaco.com You can follow the Classified Ads forum on Twitter via https://twitter.com/MoDaCoAds You can get emails on new topics by using the 'follow' button in the main forum list You can sign up to a RSS feed of the Classified Ads forum on http://www.modaco.com/rss/1-classified-ads.xml Enjoy! :) P
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    Nokia Steel HR 36mm white with 3 x genuine straps, the original black silicon, the lovely brown leather and the blue and brown cloth 'summer strap'. Boxed and in great condition, £90 inc RMSD.
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    There's a feedback and id sub forum in the classifieds forum.
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    Acer Chromebook R11 White Model, hardly used and mint condition. Looking for £80 Postage via RMSD Payment via BACS Thanks Mike
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    S9 with all the accessories bought from Paul himself, boxed all the accessories, comes with charging mat and ringke slim case, will swap with ONeplus 6 price includes RMSD
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    Bought from the old PSC forum, in great condition. Applecare still valid till November. All boxed with fresh accessories. Will include a tech 21 case. Looking for £775 RMSD delivery. Bought and sold plenty of time during the PSC days under momo2683 username. Thanks
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    Selling a Gamdias Hermes M1 7 Colour keyboard which is as new, but for a couple of day's use. Has Hera gaming software which can link in with other Gamdias products and can allow RGB colour control, macros, button configuration, and more. More info here: https://amzn.to/2l6fkw4 £45 via PP of BT inclusive of delivery.
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    Selling a Gamdias P1 RGB Mouse which is as new, but for a couple of day's use. Has Hera gaming software which can link in with other Gamdias products and can allow RGB colour control, macros, button configuration, DPI, and more. More info here: https://amzn.to/2t2oq0i £25 via PP of BT inclusive of delivery.
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    Yeah I've done this trick a couple of times. It is only a moderate pain in the arse (at least compared to having to change oyur number!)
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    4 LEDs on a bank with a button to show charge state even when not charging/discharging is key to me Biolite is a really cool company that do remote location device power, lighting and cooking. Charge from a stick burning portable stove! Camping site lighting and battery banks with flashlights (torches for you Paul ;-). I use many of their products and recommend them. https://www.bioliteenergy.com/ OutdoorTech is also a neat brand that produces many battery banks, some with lights and some water resistant. I use their Bluetooth helmet headphones snowboarding and got a pair of their floating Bluetooth Turtle Shell 3.0 speaker battery bank (that sound amazing). And am currently resisting backing the Turtle Shell Ultra on Kickstarter... https://www.outdoortechnology.com/
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    Your explanation of the 'why' EMUI has somehow made me more tolerant of the not so stock Android feel. A 3rd party launcher does go a long way to improving the overall experience for me. Rogers, Bell and Telus - the 3 big telcos in Canada- are in the midst of a MASSIVE P20 Pro campaign, every other billboard in Montreal has a Big 3 telco ad for the P20 Pro. Just in time for the Montreal F1 Grand Prix!
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    Boxed with all the accessories, some light scratches on the back screen still has screen protector and screen itself is mint. Three branded as i put three sim in. otherwise checked with virgin sim that its unlocked Will send RMSD
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    Boxed, mint, delivery by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery. markdotpeters5 on Twitter / PSC any questions please ask :)
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    Mac Mini Mid 2010Mid 20102.4 Core Duo4GB RAM320GB HDDNvidia GForce 320m 256mbSuperdrive (DVD/CD)Ideal for PLEX server or any lightweight tasks at home/kids first Mac.£125 delivered by DPD
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    Huawei P Smart and case. £149Bought from O2 and fully paid for on PAYG.Permanently unlocked by code.Original box etc.Inc RMSD and a cheap but decent case.Kev
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    Blue, unlocked. Boxed with all accessories included, folio case Postage via Royal Mail included next day. Payment via Paypal friends and family or bank transfer. Collection welcome from Basingstoke Feedback, prev on psc forum ‘harrytheweb’ aka Chris Bates.
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    I have too many phones atm, but this is a stunning phone and that's a great price!
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    I wouldn't advise posting your e-mail address in a public forum.
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    I guess, phone is rooted and adb is on. Maybe picture is not 480x800x24bit JPG? What OS (PC and phone) you has installed? Kill all adb.exe processes in TaskManager, GenoTools opens his hwadb.exe. 更换失败,请正确安装手机驱动并确认手机开启了ADB调试,然后将手机连接电脑 后重试 = The replacement failed. Please install the phone driver correctly and confirm that the phone has ADB debugging enabled. Then connect the phone to the computer and try again.
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    Hi! What's the "services-Broken-u8833.zip"? EDIT: To avoid the black screen after installation, the initial setup must be made without a SIM card. .
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    Huawei Update Extractor After messing around a bit with the perl tools available for extracting Huawei update.app files, i got the idea to create an own (windows) tool. Requirements .Net Framework 3.5 Install Extract the content of the zip to a folder somewhere on your system. Execute HuaweiUpdateExtractor.exe I'm planning to create an installer sometime. Usage Press the browse (...) button and select an update.app file. Select a device or unknown and press on the open button. You'll see the content of the update.app file in the listview. Select one or more files and right click. Choose Extract selected from the context menu. Choose the ouput folder and press ok. Or just right click on the list and select Extract all, choose the output folder again and press ok. Press close on the extract window. You can sort the list on sequence, filename and size. Just press on the desired column header. Command line: HuaweiUpdateExtractor extract input output [profile] HuaweiUpdateExtractor repack input output profile Profile The profiles.xml file is used to identify the files in the update.app file. Every file in the update.app has a sequence or type, which is also shown in the list. Those sequences or types are used to identify the file/device partition. Example: <Profiles> <Profile name="Unknown" author="worstenbrood"> <Files/> </Profile> <Profile name="Huawei G510-0100" author="worstenbrood"> <Files> <File sequence="00000000" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p17">system.img</File> <File sequence="40000000" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p13">recovery.img</File> <File sequence="80000000" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p03">baseband.img</File> <File sequence="EC000000">version.txt</File> <File sequence="E4000000">splash.raw565</File> <File sequence="FC000000" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p12">boot.img</File> <File sequence="70000000" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p16">cust.img</File> <File sequence="30000000" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p18">userdata.img</File> <File sequence="FE000000" signature="true">signature</File> <File sequence="FF000000" checksum="true">crc</File> </Files> </Profile> <Profile name="Huawei P6" author="worstenbrood"> <Files> <File type="system" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p16">system.img</File> <File type="cache" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p17">cache.img</File> <File type="cust" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p18">cust.img</File> <File type="userdata" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p19">userdata.img</File> <File type="modemimage" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p13">modemimage.img</File> <File type="boot" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p12">boot.img</File> <File type="recovery" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p11">recovery.img</File> <File type="md5rsa" signature="true">signature</File> <File type="crc" checksum="true">crc</File> </Files> </Profile> </Profiles> <Profiles> - Root tag of the xml file. <Profile> - Identifies a device - attribute name: name of the device - attribute author: author of the device <Files> - File root tag <File> - Identifies a file - attribute sequence: sequence of the file in update.app - attribute type: type of the file in the update.app - attribute partition: destination partition on the device - attribute signature: used to identify the signature file - attribute checksum: used to identify the checksum file - value: file name You can add or edit devices. If you want them to integrate in newer version, pm 'em to me. I'm gonna make some auto update for the device file somewhere in the future :) Roadmap - Next version will have repack function, need to do some ui adjustements - You tell me ... Credits Zebadger ([email protected]) for figuring out the file headers S34Qu4K3 for the P6 partition layout Changelog v0.9.1.0 - Create update zip works now, this requires to have a PERFECT device entry in the devices file. The sequence is used to identify the file AND partition. Only files that have these two will be included in the zip. USE WITH CAUTION, MAKE SURE THE PARTITION IS CORRECT OR YOU'LL END UP FLASHING THE WRONG IMAGES TO THE WRONG PARTITION !! I'M NOT RESPONSAbLE FOR bRICKING YOUR DEVICE! IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING, THEN DON'T USE IT! v0.9.1.1 - Added Type to the filelist (shows INPUT for g510 roms, but shows some useful info on P6 roms) v0.9.2.0 - Files now can also be identified by the type attribute in devices.xml - Added P6 device v0.9.3.0 - Crc check during extract - Crc check during creating flashable zip - Added row to see file is flashable v0.9.5.0 - Added repack - Added icons and tooltip - Added settings - Experimental, no signing on repack, crc file gets generated - Alot of stuff i forgot v0.9.6.0 - Added command line options v0.9.7.0 - Added G300 profile (thx ZeBadger) - Added detailed info about the file (libmagic) in the tooltip on the extract list. This way it is easier to identify files inside the update. (see screenshot). It will detect ext/fat/... partitions. v0.9.7.1 - Alot of devices added in profiles (Credits to ngamyarthar, thanks alot dude!) - Added android boot/recovery image recognition in magic.mgc v0.9.7.2 - Made setup Download - v0.9.7.2: HuaweiUpdateExtractor_0.9.7.2_Setup.zip Donate if you like my work &#33;
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    The MoDaCo Toolkit Pro Key removes ads from the MoDaCo Toolkit application.

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