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    Note: due to Tesco making the change on their server today 21st March it appears these instructions are no longer required. Right with many thanks to ChrisEvilGenius and Sarkie and others. These were written for a Hudl1 I don't know if a variant may work for Hudl2s abandoned by Tesco but it might well. First install the Fiddler software on another machine (probably Windows though it looks like it could be Mac or Linux) https://www.telerik.com/download/fiddler In Fiddler Tools - Options - Connections Tick Allow remote computers to connect. Also under HTTPS tab tick Decrypt HTTPS traffic. You will get a popup about Windows trusting this certificate, click No (You don't need it locally as you aren't interested in traffic from the machine fiddler is installed on.) Now go and hover over the Online in the top right of the Fiddler window and take note of the IP address given there (there will probably be an IPV6 address with letters in and below the IPV4 you want, looks something like though almost certainly different numbers) Now to the Hudl, holding volume up and power on gets you to a menu for a fresh reset. Restart the Hudl. On the Hello screen click start. On Select Wi-Fi, do not connect. Tap Other network then on the keyboard hold the microphone to get to settings. Tap Google Keyboard Settings. Scroll to the bottom to About Google Keyboard, Tap Open-source licences. Press and hold to select some text, then from the top menu that appears, tap Web Search. Now in the search start typing Settings and you should be given a Settings result. Tap it (not Google Settings)to open the Hudl settings. Scroll down to Users and then Add User (top right). Ok to add new user. Then Set up now. Drag the padlock to unlock. At Hello click the grey triangle to continue Unset the google & location settings and continue No, thanks to set up google No to a Tesco account Skip Register with Tesco Now at Problem Connecting tap check Wi-Fi This time connect to your Wi-Fi (Whilst writing these notes I went round the last couple of steps twice but then it jumped to Updating Apps as it had previously, keep tapping Check Wi-Fi and it should get there). At Updating apps tap Not now All Done, tap finish No thanks to Child advice OK to a couple of demo screens You now have a working user BUT don't stop here! Turn the Hudl off and back on When at the lock screen tap the Owner coloured blob (it might already be selected) and unlock Tap Start at the Hello screen At the Wi-Fi settings tap your connection and Forget Connect again BUT this time after entering your pass key do not tap Connect but Show Advanced Options (you might need to scroll down to see it) and set Proxy settings: Manual Proxy hostname: the ip address from fiddler Proxy port: 8888 then Connect. (Traffic should now probably start to appear in Fiddler, nothing of interest yet) The install will proceed but fail with a Check Wi-Fi prompt, OK Now Tap Other Network Hold Microphone as before and Google Keyboard Settings, scroll down to About Google Keyboard but this time tap Privacy Policy. Chrome will load and ask you to sign in, tap No,thanks There may be web errors showing, ignore them and type ipv4.fiddler:8888 into the address. (If the network has disconnected, it did once for me, drag down from the top right to get to the settings and reconnect) You should get a Fiddler Echo Service page, at the bottom tap on the download the FiddlerRoot Certificate link Give the certificate a name, you'll be removing it later, then tap OK. Tap OK to the warning about a lock screen PIN, again you can remove it later if required. Set a lock screen PIN/Pattern/Password (pattern is easiest) Now back in Chrome you'll have an app select softbutton at the bottom right, swipe to close all the apps. Back in google settings press the back soft button will get you back to the beginning. Now in Wi-Fi setup tap your connection and forget then tap and connect again but without the proxy settings, just your pass key. (I'm not entirely sure which bit objects to being tunnelled through Fiddler and given we can work round it didn't bother digging too hard to find out). Continue accepting the terms and conditions Untick the Google & Location options and tap the grey triangle to continue. No thanks to set up Google No to Tesco Account Skip (bottom left) to Register with Tesco Now you are at the Couldn't Check for Updates that you are likely familiar with and couldn't get out of, only this time you can swipe down from the top right and get at the Wi-Fi settings. Now tap your connection and Forget Connect again BUT this time after entering your pass key do not tap Connect but Show Advanced Options (you might need to scroll down to see it) and set the proxy again Proxy settings: Manual Proxy hostname: the ip address from fiddler Proxy port: 8888 then Connect. Tap back and Hudl will be checking for updates again and failing but this time you'll have a line appeared in Fiddler to the host device.mobile.tesco.com with a URL similar to /ota/20140424... Now the clever bit In Fiddler go to the menu Rules - Automatic Breakpoints and set After Responses (or Alt+F11) Tap try again on Hudl. Now the new line will be the same as before but with a red icon next to it Select the new entry and go to Inspectors on the right hand side, select Raw in the bottom half of the screen and delete much of the last line of the response there editing it from {"status":"OK","update":{"currentAndroidVersion............. to {"status":"OK","update":null} Click the green Run to completion button Now go and right click on that entry in the listing and select Save - Response - Entire Response Save it somewhere! Now click on Autoresponder on the right hand side again Click Add Rule then right at the very bottom Click the drop down "Local file to return or Action to execute" Select find a file and find the file you saved just before. Ensure Enable Rules and Unmatched requests passthrough are ticked. Lastly go to Rules - Automatic Breakpoints and set it to Disabled. Now tap Try again on Hudl.... Magic.... At Updating apps tap Not now All Done as the Hudl says Tap through the intro and then tidy up. In Wifi settings forget the settings for your network and put them in again without the proxy. In Settings - Security - Clear Credentials (or go to Trusted credentials and remove the Fiddler certificate only but then you have to keep the lock). Then you can remove the screen lock at the top of the security settings. In User tap the dustbin next to the New user you created and Delete, One working Hudl. You can now uninstall Fiddler from whichever machine you were using to proxy unless you have a taste for it!
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    I've emailed Tesco yesterday to suggest the minor change they need to make to their server to make my instructions redundant and ask the reason why they aren't doing it! I've had a response from the front line staff to say it has been passed to the support team so you never know... It all hinges around that one response from the Tesco server that the rest of the instructions are simply enabling us to intercept and change, if we can persuade them to change it at their end then all is well. Back up the thread on the 8th Feb @chrisevilgenius had success for the Hudl 2 using essentially the same method (different implementation) so I think if we can persuade Tesco to make the change to their webserver Then all will be well, Tesco will actually be in their stated position that they are no longer supplying updates but now in the position that their server is effectively saying "no updates available" rather than replying with something that causes older Hudls to get confused and stop. Whether that null is really handled in the software or just causes the code to continue is really neither here nor there just as long as the code continues and lets the setup complete! Will let you know if I get a real reply from Tesco.
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    I sent an e-mail to ComputerActive magazine who have a very good readers help page. I have heard back from them and I believe they will be contacting Tesco. It seems very odd that Tesco are now saying there is nothing they can do after their initial reply advising how to solve this problem .I am wondering if it is because there is no longer anyone at Tesco with the necessary technical knowledge.!They are after all only grocers.! Seriously though , it is a very poor response from such a large organisation to dismiss this by saying the tablets have reached the end of their life The whole point is that these tablets were very much alive and working until a Factory reset was attempted.Presumably, the Factory reset procedure has previously been working and so the recent failures are surely the responsibility of Tesco. Perhaps the increasing adverse publicity will jolt them into action.
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    Back in October 2009, T-Mobile released the very first pay-as-you-go Android smartphone in the UK priced at just £185. At this time this was big news since it enabled many consumers that were simply unable or unwilling to take out a contract to get their hands on a smartphone running the - at the time - new Android operating system from Google. Here at MoDaCo we credit the T-Mobile Pulse as being a kind of catalyst that started Android modding off in a big way. Whilst previous Android devices allowed users to tinker with the operating system and make changes, the high cost of the handsets meant that it was reserved really for the hardcore nerds and geeks of the world. The Pulse - a rebranded Huawei U8220 - put the world of Android into the hands of normal people who dipped their toes into the new and exciting world of Android and modding. Personally, I have a lot to owe to this little device and the community here. I made a lot of new friends, I gained a lot of valuable skills which I use some of them with my day job (thanks to all the tools needing Linux back them), and it grow my interest in smartphones and technology in general. 10 years later I'm still a user of Huawei devices with a P30 Pro, although sadly the days of modding are long gone due to locked bootloaders. So it's a good time to say happy 10th birthday to the T-Mobile Pulse / Huawei U8220!
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    Bug's Life 3D Live Wallpaper Inspired by BBC Life, Bug’s Life 3D is designed to refine the popular insect documentary scenery, with outstanding and aesthetic graphics, finished with silky smooth animation. Bug’s Life 3D is a 3D live wallpaper that mimics the actual insect motion, in macro camera shooting distance. Bug’s Life 3D is developed in a way that imitating exquisite photography of insects in wildlife nature. With 4 different bug variations and leaf color options for customizations, Bug’s Life 3D is more than just a lively and exciting live wallpaper. Bug’s Life 3D is also designed to match leaf color and background color, thus creating a phenomenal, state-of-art scene. In addition, Bug’s Life 3D features silky smooth animation, while conversing your device battery at the same time. Unlock all 4 different insects and leaf colors in Bug’s Life 3D full version for more customizations. Try it out now! Download Bug's Life 3D Free Now!
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    That's it, simg2img does the trick, thanks!
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    1 - From stock-rom.zip, extract update.app. 2 - With HuaweiUpdateExtractor, extract cust.img, userdata.img, cache.img, product.img, vendor.img ... Uncheck "verify file/header checksum" if needed. 3 - With SIMG2IMG, convert every extracted image...exp. simg2img cust.img cust2.img. 4 - Mount/unpack converted images to find /data/media/0/Hwthemes folder or similar....exp. with DiskInternals LinuxReader. simg2img.zip
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    If you have EMUI 5 your themes must be in /internal_sd/Hwthemes ? Do you have subfolder .cache or .themecache in it which may reserved your theme? TWRP format data, also wipe /internal_sd since its truly path is /data/media/0, I guess. On the other hand, TWRP backup exclude /internal_sd (or /sdcard as it said) by /data backup. For factory themes, you can extract them from downloaded stock rom..or use this app.
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    I am not sure that 5.1 branch will boot. So mixed with 4.4 for more liked.
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    Hello! New TWRP but not tested (no more Y300). If anyone what to try, beware - backup your phone, be ready to flash working recovery via download mode, if can not boot to system! TWRP- built with omni-5.1 branch, because missing omnirom/system/core 4.4 branch in repo. TWRP- build with omni-5.1 and mixed with omni-4.4.
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    Honor, the 'digital natives' Huawei spin off, have announced the first handset in their Honor 20 range, the Honor 20 Lite. The £249.99 handset arrives on May 15th, before the launch event even for its more expensive, fully featured siblings, and will be available from a wide range of retailers (but not subsidised on any networks). With its triple cameras, gorgeous colour scheme and tiny notch it ticks a lot of boxes, but what's it really like? Pretty impressive at first look is the answer. The 'Phantom Blue' blue to purple shifting colour scheme is stunning, although if you want something more subtle a 'Midnight Black' version will be offered exclusively by Carphone Warehouse for the first 6 months after release. Held next to the flagship Huawei P30 range, a lot of design cues are shared - the positioning of the camera, the curved (plastic with 8 layers of coating) back, that small notch in the 6.21" FHD+ 19.5:9 screen and of course the EMUI 9 software. Honor or Huawei, you get a very consistent software experience nowadays. Of course, at the price point there are some compromises to be hand. The Kirin 710 mid-range processor is very capable and is paired with 4GB RAM and a very generous 128GB of storage as well as offering microSD expansion. A rear fingerprint scanner is included rather than the hot new under screen version but to be honest, it's incredibly fast and works well, as does the face unlock feature, so we're pretty happy with that. What is disappointing is the continuing presence of microUSB (although you do get a 3.5mm jack as compensation and Honor tell us a large part of the market simply doesn't want USB C yet) and we were also dismayed to discover a lack of 5GHz WiFi. The 3400mAh battery should provide excellent stamina when paired with the EMUI / Pie software combo. The triple camera array compromises a 24 Megapixel F1.8 autofocus main camera, a 8 Megapixel F2.4 120 degree wide angle fixed focus camera and a 2 Megapixel camera for hardware enhanced bokeh effects. The software includes the signature AI experience which can now recognise 500+ scenarios in 22+ categories. A 6 second non-tripod super night mode is included, as the company look to cement their position as masters of low light photography. Honor know that selfies are important to their audience and have included a 32 Megapixel front facing camera on the Honor 20 Lite. We'll be updating on Twitter as we spend more time with the device, but in the meantime if you have any questions about the device, feel free to hit us up in the comments.
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    TBH I don't remember much from that day I used this phone. So I don't have any idea. I just used latest CM with default kernel and latest Gapps package. No complicated mods. I like keep it simple.
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    Here you go: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1el1Ud7MbD7QxZkqrMHu995Jt52nB3-Ii/view?usp=drivesdk
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    UbetTC49-Legacy has not back button order no phisycal and neither in "navigation bar " ---------------------------------------------- the next combination works very well SlimKat-u8951-port.build.9.1-legacy + SlimKat91L-kernel-mixed + SK91Leg-FMRadio ----------------- i use pa_gapps-modular-pico-4.4.4-20150410-signed and also change dpi to 240
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    Yeah no luck with uefi but ubuntu livecd on usb works fine. really want to get android image working but ubuntu or even windows would be great
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    The Superboot R5 download link is not working for me. Similar links on other threads are also broken. Can you refresh?
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    Excellent news, I see Tesco have now changed the response of their servers to return the Null identified by ChrisEvilGenius as a suitable response and which my earlier instructions were based around. Assuming they are going to maintain this position going forward it looks all is well in the land of Hudl (excepting Tesco no longer providing updates which is not a disaster albeit disappointing that there was no notice) When I got my Hudl working it took a play store update before it started functioning properly so bear with it, if it doesn't sort itself out I suggest clearing all the data associated with Google Play Services and Google Play Store in the Hudl Settings menu under Apps. (Needless to say I haven't heard anything back from Tesco in response to my technical email...)
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    Well well well… I've just sat down at my computer for the first time today and checked my emails. First I came across a reply to my email to Consumer Champions at The Guardian last week, and they say as follows: "Hi - I asked Tesco about your case and this is what they have said.... A Tesco spokesperson said: "We’re aware of a technical issue affecting a number of Hudl users and apologize to customers for any inconvenience caused. We have already fixed the issue for the majority of those who have contacted us and are urgently working on resolving any outstanding queries." Background A number of Hudl devices are experiencing difficulties connecting to the Hudl server. Tesco have not switched off the Hudl servers, this was not the cause of the issue. This can be fixed for newer versions of Hudl 2 devices. Customers wanting more information on how to resolve the issue can visit our dedicated customer support website www.tesco.com/productsupporttesco or contact us directly. We are working hard to resolve the issue for older versions of Hudl devices as quickly as possible." My first reaction was frustration, since we know that most of us do NOT have working hudls, so Tesco's above claim sounded like an outright lie. Then I read the email notification of Aislingeanbeag's post here on the forum and I decided to fire up a bunch of hudl2s that were previously stuck on the "Couldn't check for updates" and, lo and behold, they all went past that screen now! Doesn't seem to matter whether you say Update Now or Not Now, both options take you through to the home screen! However, on all of them I have trouble getting Google Play store to work, on a couple of them I did get the app updates to start downloading after a few attempts of only getting a blank Play store screen, but on the other two I'm still struggling. Don't know what I did differently on the first two so I will still have to do some more investigating to figure out a sure-fire way of getting the Play store to work. But looks like Tesco may have paid heed to (sorry I forget your handle)'s post detailing the exact response the server should be giving and that they didn't lie to The Guardian! Please let us know how the rest of you get on with your hudls!
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    After much wailing and gnashing of teeth and a long period of inactivity I today tried again HUDL HT753 android 4.2.2 has let me in and appears to be operational I replaced the screen just after New Year and did the reset and hit the barrier. Tesco help gave the usual we are working but never heard any more Yesterday I found this thread and today I thought lets try the solution Fired up and it accepted the previously entered wifi network and proceeded to update apps So now Everything appears to work and I have a home screen with live wallpaper I now need to know what I should be testing to verify it is fully working
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    For those, like me, wanting to take this matter further and involve consumer affairs media, then please feel free to contact the following... [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
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    Try this instead after you select the cog and access the Google Keyboard settings - 1. Select About Google Keyboard 2. Select open source licences 3. Highlight some text with a long press and select WEB SEARCH from the top right 4. This will take you to a page showing a message saying there's no Internet connection 5. Type settings into the search box at the top and select the hudl settings icon from the drop down This takes you into hudl settings where you can select Users to add a 2nd user and continue with the rest of the earlier instructions. (credit to robin0800 on a different thread).
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    Thanks Anna65. I'll email TechSupport (in the morning) with details of the problem. If I don't get a satisfactory response then I'll email Dave Lewis/Lewis Gorrie reminding them of their obligations under the Sale of Goods Act for what it's worth.
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    1. Switch off the hudl. 2. Press and hold down the volume up button (keep holding!). 3. Press and hold down the power button (you're now holding down both buttons). 4. Eventually the 'powered by Android' screen will appear briefly, followed by the Android System Recovery menu (and you can let go of the buttons) . 5. Follow the instructions (if you make a mistake you can just start again). Shout if you get stuck.
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    Tesco have implemented the HUDL range in a terrible way making them reliant on other services they can just switch off. I have older, much cheaper, Chinese branded tablets that still boot up & are usable & allow me to reset them. They're great at being home-automation terminals around the house running light-weight UIs. Many industrial Android touch screen terminal solutions still run Android 4. Ideally Tesco will release an app that can be executed to remove the rogue server checks to release us all from condemning the tablets to landfill. If anyone has a step-by-step procedure to "almost" get the HUDL1 working I'd appreciate it.
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    Just switched on my Hudl 2 and found it went past the initial internet check and on to link to my google account. yay. Unfortunately, after google sign in the device checks for updates again, can't find them and is then stuck in a loop between check wifi and try again. No way to use the keyboard trick at this point, nothing to do but switch off or master reset! Still, seems promising :)
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    Poptel P60 Camera Review Source: Android Authority
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    Nokia (or HMD Global if you prefer) have today announced a successor to the well received Nokia 7 Plus, the Nokia 7.1 (no Plus this time round). Revealed in London, the device hits UK stores on October 17th priced at £299, planting it firmly in the mid-range and while it does pack a whole host of mid-range specs, it has a number of somewhat unique features too. The 7.1's headline feature, a first for the HMD Global Nokia product line, is the PureDisplay screen, which comes in at 5.84" with a notched 19:9 ratio. The screen is optimised for HDR content (including from YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime) and the device also includes a dedicated co-processor which is used to convert SDR content to HDR. As expected, the phone features a Zeiss 12 Megapixel camera with a secondary 5 Megapixel for depth sensing, which is used to enable a Live Bokeh feature. EIS (not OIS) is included, together with Nokia's popular 'Pro' camera mode. Also present is the Nokia signature Bothie mode, which is easy to dismiss as a gimmick but is also in reality quite neat, now with additional enhancements including live streaming and a configurable split between the front and rear cameras (as well as picture in picture). At the heart of the device is a midrange stalwart - the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 - which is capable if not earth shattering. It has proven a particularly frugal chip in our experience, which could be a real benefit (the battery is 3060mAh in size). We've had an initial try of the device at the launch tonight and although a full test is required, we're initially impressed. Having taken our Nokia 7 Plus along, the improvement in build quality and materials (especially on the back, which is now glass) is pronounced - and the 7 Plus certainly wasn't poorly made! The camera seems decent, performance is smooth and the screen actually is rather good. Of course, there is stiff competition at the price point (not least from the Honor Play at £279, which we are particularly fond of) but the 7.1 does make a strong case for itself, particularly if regular OS version and security updates are important to you. Nokia pledge 3 years of security updates and regular OS updates as part of the Android One programme. Stay tuned for a fuller review in the coming weeks, but let us know what you think of the device in the comments. Also check out my Twitter feed from the event for some sample pics. You can also head over to the Nokia site for more info.
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    Hello. Using KonstaT's work, I decided to build Resurrection Remix 5.8.5 for Huawei Y5 (Y560-L01/L02/L03/U23). It's an unofficial and unsupported by the Resurrection Remix team. If you feel grateful, donate to KonstaT. Also I'm not responsible for any harm that you may cause to your device by flashing this ROM. Downloads Rootless Build: https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=5862345805528046872 md5: 3c1e7374bc3fea1f024151e88a9c3999 Magisk build: https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=5862345805528046885 md5: cf7940710e45bffd89e89566d6b798d8 Y560-U23 patch: https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=5862345805528046968 md5: e45310484438501a2c395532646c698b If you are using the Magisk build for the U23, you will have to flash the Magisk zip (download from here) AFTER flashing the U23 patch. Google apps: The Open Gapps Project Sources (from KonstaT's work): Device Kernel Proprietaries Thanks: Resurrection Remix Team and everyone who worked on this project KonstaT who worked so hard for this device (donate to him). You can check his LineageOS 14.1 Extra notes for building the rom: Copy libboringssl-compat.so inside the lib folder from KonstaT's build to fix the camera Replace telephony-common.jar inside the framework folder from KonstaT's build to fix mobile network Delete some lines around here to remove pop-up after unlocking sim (look around the else statement) More extra notes While flashing the ROM, it may show some errors. Just ignore them.
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    I've never had a go porting ROMs that way, I just know that the base & port ROMs have to the same android version & that you also have to modify the boot.img also. Due to the fact it's stuck on the powered by android screen, I believe the issue lies with boot.img / kernel side of things not loading. I actually did compile RR 5.8.5 from source a while ago (but have since removed the RR source code from my PC to free up space). Here is a copy of the build I did for you to try if you like RR-N-v5.8.5-20180716-p839v55-Unofficial.zip
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    Regular readers will know that I love a good bargain and love a good freebie even more! Your phone is a great tool for getting free or discounted stuff when you're out and about, so here's some of our favourite apps and how you can use them to save money! If there's any we've missed but you use, let us know. Wuntu Wuntu is the loyalty application for Three customers. It has some great deals such as free Costa Coffees, discount food at Bella Italia and Cafe Rouge, free sweets and much more. Deals typically arrive at 8:30 am on a Wednesday, so you want to be checking the app then as some offers are limited in number. If you're not a Three customer, pick up a 3 PAYG SIM to get started. You can pick them up for 99p in most supermarkets or for free from the Three website. You'll need an unlocked or dual SIM phone to activate of course, but once you've set up the app, you can take the SIM back out. Since you're getting cool free stuff from 3, it might be nice to give a little back by topping up or using as your secondary network. O2 Priority O2's Priority is similar to Wuntu but it was 'the original' app of this type. As with Wuntu deals come and go, but the headline offer from Priority is a free Caffe Nero drink every Tuesday! As an added bonus, you still get a free loyalty stamp in the Nero app and even large size drinks are covered. Nice! The best offers tend to be around 'occasions' (chocolates for mothers day, for example) but it's worth having installed and checking in frequently. As with Wuntu, pick up a cheap SIM or get one free from the O2 website. Note that O2's policy has changed recently, and Priority can only be activated using SIM cards with credit, so it's going to cost you 10 quid to get up and running (that's the minimum top up). It's probably worth it though, you could make that back in less than a month in free coffees alone. Again, you'll need an unlocked or dual SIM phone and you don't need to keep the SIM in it post activation. Curve Now for something completely different. Curve is a debit card that aggregates all your other cards. It works like this - sign up to Curve, get your free card in the post, install the app, associate all your other cards and you're ready to go. You can spend out and about with the contactless card and choose which one it maps to instantly in the app. Paid for something on the wrong card? You can use the 'back in time' feature to change it post-payment. The app has a reward card built in where you can earn credit by spending at certain merchants or by referring friends. There are lots of other features such as purchase insights, instant card lock, super cheap currency exchange, fee free cash withdrawal from credit cards and much more. Google Pay support will be coming soon too, which will really make it amazing. I love Curve and use it all the time. You can order your free card via the Curve app and even better, if you use the referral code 'TBXZH' you'll get a free fiver on your reward card. Free money! Quidco Quidco is one of the two major 'cashback' players in the UK. If you ever buy anything online, you should always check Quidco and its rival TopCashback to see if cashback is available. The way it works is like this - you start at the cashback site, sign in, complete your purchase and then you receive a percentage of your purchase back as 'credit' (this varies per merchant and is listed on the cashback site). This can then be withdrawn when it reaches a certain threshold to your bank account or to gift vouchers for other merchants with a percentage bonus. It works really well and is absolutely a no-brainer, as you're going to earn money on things you'd be buying anyway! Sign up at the Quidco website and you'll earn £5 straight away, refer friends and family and you can earn free credit too. Quidco ClickSnap Quidco ClickSnap is a Quidco specific service designed for use in-store. It has its own app, but shares the account with the main Quidco site. ClickSnap works by showing you a list of offers at the main supermarkets. A recent one was 'get a free bar of Galaxy chocolate' for example. In order to redeem, you buy the item at the designated supermarket, snap a picture of the receipt, upload it in the app then the cost is returned to you as credit. This works particularly well as often the credited amount is more than what you actually paid (if, for example, the item was on a special offer), so you can get the goods and end up in profit! Sign up at the Quidco website in the same way as above. TopCashBack TopCashBack is a Quidco rival and works in exactly the same way. It has its own Clicksnap like service (although it doesn't have a dedicated app for this) and quite often offers differ between the two services - it's worth being signed up to both. Sign up at the TopCashBack website and try and remember to use it! Vouchercloud Now for something a little bit different. VoucherCloud is all about saving money, although the app does occasionally have freebies too. Codes are broken down into categories and also displayed on a map so you can spot local deals. Alerting functionality is available, although I've found this to be a bit of a battery drain. Vouchercloud is particularly good for discounts on restaurants, although you need to be careful as many deals don't apply at the weekend. There is also a 'competitions' section. Vouchercodes Vouchercodes works in exactly the same way as Vouchercloud, but has a slightly different set of deals, so if you're on the hunt for a bargain, it's worth having both installed. Caffè Nero As well as being included in the O2 Priority offer above, Caffe Nero have their own app. After installation you can get a free coffee straight away by entering the code 'WELCOMETONERO2018' and each time you buy a drink, you'll earn one stamp (10 gets you a free drink). Nero is particularly good as there are frequently offers and promotions for freebies or extra stamps, it seems to be the most generous of the coffee chains (and my favourite). Friends of Krispy Kreme Krispy Kreme donuts are the most ridiculously sweet, unhealthy and tasty donuts. Their app is particularly good for freebies too! Aside from offering very frequent discount promotions (e.g. 'buy a dozen original glazed get a dozen free' or this week 'get a free cold drink when you buy one if temperature is above 20 degrees'), after you enter your date of birth, anniversary, partner's and children's birthdays, you'll generally get a free donut on each of those occasions every year. Excellent! There are also occasional other giveaways such as free drinks. Calories ahoy! Greggs The Greggs app is surprisingly good for freebies. As with most chains it has a loyalty programme built in, but it also has very frequent free promotions - in recent months I've had Lucozade, coffee, crisps, donuts, all via in app notifications that a promotion is available to be redeemed. Healthy. :-) If you live near a Greggs (by the way, apparently there are 29 in Newcastle, how crazy is that?!), then it's worth an install. Unidays Despite the name, Unidays isn't just for university students, it's for all students. If you can validate your educational status with a school / college / uni email address, you can activate Unidays and receive discounts and promotions both online and in physical stores. The list of merchants is pretty extensive, so it's definitely worth doing, Student Beans Student Beans is very similar to Unidays but has a slightly different list of merchants, so it is worth installing both. Freebies are rare in these apps, but discounts are pretty healthy, particularly in the stores in which young people like to shop, so whether you're installing for yourself or for your kids, the app is worth having to hand, Airtime Rewards Airtime Rewards is a new concept which works because it's zero effort yet potentially saves a bit of money. Upon signup, the app will confirm which mobile network you are on, whether you are on a contract or PAYG and then link to your debit or credit cards. From then on, when you make purchases at certain retailers, you'll earn a percentage back which is then deducted from your phone bill. Pretty neat! The list of supported merchants is pretty small right now, but it's a bit of a no brainer given how easy it is to set up. Redeem code 'FWMLFWQW' to get 30p credit straight away. Worth nothing is that you can link your Curve to Airtime Rewards for double cashback! Groupon It's easy to discount Groupon as being useful simply because quite often the offers aren't that great compared to what you can get going direct. In reality however, there are always discount vouchers for Groupon floating around, such that I don't think I've ever paid full price! If I'm out and about with family visiting and I want to take them for a meal or an afternoon tea, Groupon rarely lets me down on the bargain front. Get started on the Groupon website. Google Opinion Rewards Google Opinion Rewards is a great way to earn free Google Play credit. After installation. the app will pop up optional surveys about places you've been, demographically relevant merchants etc. and after completing them, you will earn a small amount of play credit. The surveys are very easy, very short and non-intrusive - it's a great way to gradually build credit for your next Play Store purchase. Barclays Premier Rewards OK, so this isn't for everyone, but if you happen to bank with Barclays and your household income is eligible for a Barclays Premier Banking account, then consider switching and installing the app. Doing so will net you a host of benefits including a free Patisserie Valerie hot drink every day (!), free entry to English Heritage sites, discounts at a whole host of restaurants and much more. HotUKDeals I suspect nearly everybody is aware of HotUKDeals, but just in case, the site is an hot, UK based, deal aggregator, as the name suggests! It's dangerous, as there's plenty of scope for picking up 'bargains' that you don't really need, but if you're planning to buy something specific you can use its alerting functionality to let you know if a deal crops up. The app is pretty nice for browsing offers too. Google Pay Finally, Google Pay. While Google Pay won't really save you much money or offer you much in the way of freebies, it doesn't occasionally pop up a deal and is a winner when it comes to convenience if you a) have a NFC enabled phone and b) your bank is supported. One way you can earn is by referring friends - you'll both earn £20 credit when they sign up. Follow this link and enter code '' for your own signup bonus. Zeek Zeek is a really cool site for buying and selling gift cards. From a bargain hunting perspective it's most of interest for buying cards and the discounts can be considerable. As an added bonus, you can save further on Zeek cards by going via TopCashback! Even better, when you sign up using this link you'll get £5 back from them when you make your first purchase! View full item
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    Hi everybody. I solved the low sound problem. but I do not know if the echo problem is resolved. I did not get a chance to try. solution Steps 1- Download flashify ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cgollner.flashify ) 2- Download system app remover(root user) ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jumobile.manager.systemapp ) 3- Download Dolby Atmos zip ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/dl/?id=13100 ) 4- Download deep_buffer remover ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/dl/?id=13950 ) after download; Enter flashify application, select zip file, after select deep_buffer-remover.zip but not flash add zip file and select dap_r6.5.zip and start flash. your phone will restart. after flash; enter the system apps remover > select system apps > find audofx > remove audiofx login the options > applications > find audiofx > stop finally menu > dolby atmos > select your options good uses Echo problem not solved but low voice problem solved. Voice is very high
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    downgrade nougat to 6.0 samsung a310f frp bypass this tutorial will show you how to downgrade 7.0 nougat to 6.0 marshmallow on Samsung A310F for bypass or Remove Google Gmail Account frp this is factory reset protection and you can't Remove previous Gmail Account if your mobile version 7.0 nougat that's why you need downgrade to marshmallow and very Easy you can bypass All introduction have in video And combination file link have in description Download combination file and 6.0 firmware odin3 tool more details watch video combination link http://bit.ly/2fssIbn a310f cobi firmware type A310FXXU3BQC8_A310FOJV3BQC8_A310FXXU3BQC8_HOME.tar
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    Hi there! I had the adoptable storage working on my S7 Edge until I got it back from repair. Now, I am not able to set the adoptable storage by following Paul O'Brien's howto: I simply get this: hero2lte:/ $ sm list-disks disk:179,0 hero2lte:/ $ sm set-force-adoptable true hero2lte:/ $ sm partition disk:179,0 private hero2lte:/ $ sm list-volumes private mounted null public:179,1 unmounted 6F61-FE60 emulated mounted null hero2lte:/ $ sm has-adoptable false I have tried everything, from wiping the SD card on my linux laptop to formatting it with my laptop, with the phone and through adb. No luck. Any suggestions are highly appreciated! :)
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    It is simple. To disable a password you created simply:1. press the "Settings" icon2. Press "Location & security"3. Scroll down to "Set Password"4. Enter the current password5. Leave the New Password and Confirm new password fields blank6. Press "Ok"
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    A good photo needs an interesting subject, but the photo's composition is equally important. This principle can easily be observed when two people take a photo of the same subject at the same location: their photos will often look completely different. This tutorial walks you through some of the key composition rules used by professional photographers to take striking photos. Armed with these tricks, you'll soon be taking jaw-dropping shots with your smartphone. The Basics The Rule of Thirds If you do a web search for the keywords "photography" and "composition", you'll churn up page after page of results featuring titles such as 9 Top Photography Composition Rules You Need To Know, 20 Composition Techniques That Will Improve Your Photos, or 18 Composition Rules For Photos That Shine. However, many of these articles are riddled with unfamiliar concepts and technical jargon that can prove overwhelming for beginners. This article takes a different approach, focusing on some more fundamental rules of composition that are easily mastered, such as the rule of thirds, the golden ratio, and the Fibonacci spiral. Novice photographers tend to position their subjects in the center of the frame, which makes them stand out, but results in a less visually-appealing photo. If this applies to your photos, you may want to try applying the rule of thirds. To use the rule of thirds, take your frame and overlay a nine-block grid (dividing the vertical and horizontal space into three parts). Important elements in the photo should be aligned with one (or more) of the four intersection points in the grid. Studies show that these intersection points are where the human eye tends to go first, so placing important elements on these points can help emphasize the subject and produce photos that are more visually appealing. The Golden Ratio The golden ratio is a similar technique that can be used to draw the viewer's glance. This technique uses a famous mathematical ratio to draw a nine-block grid with the unique, eye-pleasing proportions of 1:0.618:1. This type of grid is known as a phi grid. As with the rule of thirds, points of interest in the shot are lined up with intersection points in the grid to produce visually-harmonious, captivating images. By now, you are probably wondering which of these two grids you should be using. In fact, the difference between the two is quite subtle. Research shows that our eyes are drawn intuitively towards the four intersecting points in the rule of thirds grid, while the points of intersection in a phi grid can be harnessed to create more harmonious, aesthetically-pleasing photos. However, every picture is different, so there is no hard-and-fast rule about which guideline you should use. Advanced Composition Fibonacci Spiral The Fibonacci spiral is another camera overlay which is derived from the golden ratio. The subject is usually placed at the smallest part of the spiral, which guides the viewer around the image in a natural flow. The Fibonacci spiral is a useful tool for organizing and framing visual elements that expand outwards from the center of a photo. Configuring Assistive Grids Most experienced photographers know exactly how they will compose a shot before they press the shutter. Many of their photos conform to the rules of thirds or golden ratio even when they don't use a viewfinder overlay. Moreover, true masters of the art will deliberately break these rules of composition to achieve even more spectacular results. However, less experienced snappers may find that an assistive grid allows them to get more out of their camera. The HUAWEI P10 and P10 Plus feature built-in assistive grid support, allowing budding photographers to put these rules of composition to the test. To enable an assistive grid on the HUAWEI P10/P10 Plus, open Camera, swipe left on the screen to open the camera settings, and then touch Assistive grid. Select the type of grid you want to use, return to the viewfinder screen, and then start snapping away!
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    In today's society, you think your family and friends are the people who know you the best. They are not. In fact, it is our phone that is the closest to us every day. So many of our information and secrets are stored on our phone. That's why when you lend your phone to others or share it around, you'll inevitably worry that your important information gets leaked or modified. You might not know that the multi-user mode on the Huawei Nova Plus is your phone's most trustworthy secret guardian. The multi-user function allocates separate storage to different users and isolate each user's data to protect your privacy. Even when different users share the same app, everybody's data is separated. This helpful function divides users into three different roles. Each phone can only have one owner and one guest, but you can create multiple sub users. Owner: the owner of the phone. Generally you will only log in as the owner when you are using your own phone. Sub user: Your close family or friends can log in as a sub user when they use your phone. After they log in, they can use most of the functions, except the functions that will influence the owner, such as factory reset and do-not-disturb. Guest: Guests have relatively limited access permissions. When a friend who is not that close to you borrows your phone, it is best for them to log in to your phone as a guest. After they log in, they are only allowed to carry out certain operations. They don't have access to messages and can't install unknown apps. Isn't it a very helpful feature? Now let's take a look at how to use this feature in detail. Touch Settings > Users to access the multi-user management screen. You can add, switch, and remove users and manage access permissions for each user. Add user Touch Add or Add guest and follow the onscreen instructions to add a sub user or guest. After you add a user, the user will appear on the unlock screen. The user on the unlock screen is the user that is currently logged in. Switch user Touch the user that you want to log in with, and touch Switch user in the displayed menu. You can also touch the user's profile picture on the unlock screen to log in. Allow calls and messages, and sharing of communication history When you log in as the owner, you can give access permissions to sub users and the guest. Touch the user that you want to give access permissions to, and touch Allow calls and messages, and sharing of communication history in the displayed menu. After granting the user permission, they will be allowed to make calls, send messages, and share call and message logs with the owner. If the owner has given access permission to more than one sub user, authorized sub users can also share their communication history. Note: The guest cannot send messages. Remove user Touch the user that you want to delete, and then touch Remove user in the displayed menu. The user's data will also be deleted when the user is removed. Don't you think this secret protector for your phone is awesome! You will never have to worry about embarrassing information leaks again. Grab your Huawei Nova Plus and give it a go!
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    hey here is my stuf that i was collecting ower the year that may be handy for u.... http://www.4shared.com/folder/OjfDEJaF/zte-skate.html there is all the roms and other packages u can find there... that is that all stuf i can find... u can send me something if i forgot to put and i will be upload...
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    Here you go. com.apedroid.pigfish-1.zip
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    hey, guys i got this driver from kingmobile. since i dont use win 7 and couldnt try this driver on my xp, but it was confirmed 100% working on other's win7 x64 without error. so i thought i'll just post it here for u guys to try. important, do not flash eboot and phone.bin for the first time, PDA only! a batch file is included to disbale signature, just run it b4 u update Samsung MITs USB driver. after that turn off ur phone then connect to ur pc and update ur usb driver with this one. of course, u have to run octan in XP compatible and admin mode. edit: i have reuploaded x86 with batch file to disable signature. original link http://kingmobi.net/bbs/viewthread.php?tid...B%FA&page=1 I8000win7x64USB.rar I8000win7x86_vista_driver.rar
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