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    32GB Nexus 7 appears in CPW systems


    Forget about the rumours of the $99 Nexus... I tweeted recently that I thought it more likely for Asus / Google to push the Nexus 7 upmarket and here we go... a 32GB version looks to be on the way, no doubt to compete with the Kindle Fire HD.

    Appearing in Carphone Warehouse's systems, details are rather thin (no pricing for example), but there it is! We still anticipate that this will be joined by a 3G version (drool...).

    The same system also lists a screen protector for a 'Galaxy Nexus 2'. The plot thickens! :)

    [Via: Droid-Life]


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    3G would be more useful. (Probably expect a £100 markup for 16GB of flash even though it is worth about £5 max).

    8GB / 3G is what I would want. (Ideally with a micro sd slot in the same tray as the sim).

    (Cost me £20 to take my Xoom from 32GB to 64GB)

    Not even the worst quality sdcard (Samsung class 10)

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    I think a £100 mark up is unlikely. Maybe £50 but not £100, google's objective with the Nexus 7 was always to keep the price low and I don't think a bump in storage capacity will change this, especially given the impending iPad mini and the inevitably huge sales it will generate and the huge proportion of the sub 9 inch tablet market it will take.

    To be honest, we all know Google has no plan on giving the nexus line removable storage. But at least they are acknowledging the fact that people still have a need for offline storage. I am glad I waited as the Nexus 7 has now gone from a device I was on the fence about due to the low storage capacity, to a device that is worth serious consideration.

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