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    • Hi Everybody, Can I just add my good news too, that my Hudl 1 is now up and running normally. I did have a problem signing in to my Google account, however,  at least initially, but I think that was because I seemed to be unable to get a Wi-Fi connection with any device for some, probably unrelated reason. So, can I give a big thank you to each and every one of you, because if I had not discovered this forum I'm sure I would have just thrown my Hudl into a corner somewhere and probably never used it again. Indeed, I wonder how many people may have actually done just that!
    • Just received this reply from Tesco's Lewis Gorrie to an email I sent 13 March. I must say it sounds encouraging for the older Hudls, especially after all the "end of life" responses folk have been receiving of late. "I’ve just spoken to our support team about this, and I’m told that we are continuing to work on a solution which we hope will allow older Hudls to work again.
      I can’t give a timescale, but any fix will be posted on our product support website as soon as we have it. You will find this at www.tesco.com/productsupporttesco, following the yellow banner at the top of the page for the latest update on Hudls. Lewis Gorrie
      Customer Service Executive to the Board"
    • As of 21st March 2019 the set up procedure is working as razzler's post above shows.  If anyone is interested why Tesco is likely to have done a U-turn on the hudl, then check out page 8 onwards on this thread.   It looks like the solution we suggested to Tesco and/or involving the media may have done the trick! 
    • This appears to be sorted as of 21st March 2019. Check out page 9 onwards on this thread.
    • YES! My Hudl 1 has got past the setup process (at long last)! Massive congratulations to everyone on this forum for working together to figure out the nature of the technical side of the failure and keeping pressure on Tesco to support this much loved line of tablets... Was holding off mentioning it until I saw how it played out but I'd been in contact with the BBC (producer of "Rip Off Britain) and they were interested in this case, but then have gone quiet in recent days... I reckon Tesco have probably told them that they are sorting it so it's no longer a story worth the BBC's time and effort to follow up on. I suspect that Tesco's have been contacted by several media outlets recently and this may have contributed to a change of heart with regards to continued technical support for the Hudl line. As others have mentioned though, hope this doesn't come back around in a few years time when management changes and they look to shave a few quid off of their tech support budgets... Team effort in action! Great stuff!

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