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    Ad-blocking on Android with Adguard


    There's been a lot of noise made about ad-blocking in recent months, due to the recent inclusion on iOS of features specifically designed to enable 3rd party blockers. On Android however, options are more limited - without root, it's tough to block ads system wide, the only option being a VPN based service. One such service - and a free option too - is Adguard.

    Distributed outside of the Play Store as an APK (due to Play Store rules, funnily enough, Google don't like ads being blocked!), Adguard can filter advertising, malicious and phishing websites, online tracking and more. Ditching ads speeds up your browsing, reduces bandwidth use and helps retain your privacy from websites (at the expense of reward the owners of the content you are actually reading - perhaps a moral issue you have to resolve yourself!).

    In our tests, we've found Adguard works extremely well. It filters all the ads we've thrown at it, doesn't seem to impact the overall speed of your Internet connection and, well, you can't argue with the price can you! Bear in mind of course, that ALL your Internet traffic goes via Adguard, so while there aren't necessarily any specific privacy implications of that, you should be aware of the fact.

    Adguard is also available for desktop platforms and if you ARE a rooted user, a less intrusive local-proxy mode is also available.

    Head on over to the Adguard website to get started. If you're an existing user - or even if you just check it out today - let us know your thoughts!





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