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    ALK issue free Co-Pilot update - new maps, app tweaks and 'just drive' mode.


    ALK, purveyors of the fine 'Co-Pilot' onboard navigation application for Android (and iOS), have today announced a large, free update to the application and it's maps.

    Available for download immediately, the new release brings the latest European NAVTEQ maps as well as...

    • Enhanced speed camera database
    • Power saving mode – This saves battery life by reducing the frequency of map display refreshing when navigating – essential when you forget your in-car charger!
    • ”I’m only stopping if it’s a….” – for those drivers or passengers who are fussy about where they stop, the app will now alert you about specific types of POIs on your route
    • Improved “Just drive” mode – many users said that they liked to use CoPilot Live without a particular destination in mind – so they can now view the map, get their bearings and receive speed limit / camera alerts.
    • Greater control over route calculation. A new fastest vs. shortest route setting makes it easier and clearer to control which way to go.

    These are all pretty cool updates, but the big win for me is the 'Just Drive' mode. I often want to drive without a destination pre-set but still take advantage of speed camera notifications / POI indicators, and Just Drive lets me do just that. Excellent! A lot of people say to me 'why would I want another navigation app when I have Google Maps'? For me the raft of additional features on CoPilot alone make it worthwhile (speed cameras, destination management, POI display, night mode etc. etc.) not to mention the fact that as an onboard solution, CoPilot doesn't need a data connection to function - particularly useful when roaming!

    CoPilot Live is priced £24.99 for UK and Ireland maps, from £34.99 for Western Europe maps and from £39.99 for the whole of Europe. Visit the Co-Pilot Android site for more information.

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    I downloaded and installed the updated app. As users will know, the download of map data is separate from the app itself. Despite the promise of a new, FREE map update there is no sign whatsoever that one is available. I certainly have no idea how to get hold of it and have raised a query on the support website....


    No reply from ALK so far.

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