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    Angry Birds Space released

    Mark Dearlove

    Rovio have today launched their newest version of Angry Birds to the world after a few weeks of heavy marketing. Angry Birds Space is available from the Play Shop (no, still doesn't sound right!) with ads and the Amazon Appstore both with ads and an additional without ads version for 99c. Intriguingly, Amazon also list a $2.99 'HD' version specifically for the Kindle Fire, however it's not clear exactly what the differences are.

    The follow up to Rio is, as you would imagine from the title, set in space. Not only do you have those pesky pigs to contend with, Rovio have added gravity fields to the game. These gravity fields allow you to perform trick shots with the Birds - send them spinning around the planet and jumping through multiple gravity fields for example. There are currently 60 levels with more to come.

    The sound quality in the game is much better than the originals with more atmosphere, and I like the variation in levels. There are more puzzle-like levels too where you need to understand what will happen with your first target, in order to get a second or third.

    Rovio certainly seem to be putting their new found wealth to good use. Heavier development and big budget marketing, (did you see the Angry Bird flying round on top of Heikki Kovalainens helmet at the Grand Prix last weekend?) including getting the astronauts on the ISS make a video of them playing a real life version of the game, has pushed Rovio to the top of the mobile gaming developer list. We may all even get to buy shares next year if they can agree their $8 billion valuation with investors.

    Grab the app from the Play Shop or Amazon Appstore.

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