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    #askmodaco - Asus Transformer Prime


    Our Transformer Prime review will be out shortly, but before the review unit leaves our hands we thought we'd run a quick Ask MoDaCo!

    If you've any questions, either hit me up on Twitter tagged #askmodaco or leave them in the comments below and I'll answer them first come first served basis. Any questions on Twitter will get posted with a full response in this post.

    If you don't get a response, chances are I've already answered or it's covered in our review, which will appear a little later on.

    Questions and answers, photos and everything else will be posted after the break!

    Q. Can I have it?

    A. No!

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    What's the realistic battery life with and without the dock?

    A bit subjective this but is the quad core actually a significant or noticeable improvement over the old transformer? I know it should be but does android actually know how to handle the thing yet?

    Sent from my Optimus 2X using Tapatalk

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    ohh yeah, the good old Bootloader question :P

    and then again, screen brightness :P is it that wide and good to use (outside in the sun as inside in the dark)

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    Could you rent a movie with google movies and try and seek around see it it continues playing? The Tegra2 in the Asus Transformer would crap out a seize when you tried to seek into a DRM's video stream, not sure if I trust the Tegra3.

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    @Chris Jenx

    problem so far is that you can have either

    A screen that will be readable under bright lights

    or a screen that will not result in eye-cancer at nights/in darkness

    even my good old macbook is to bright when it is really dark -.-

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